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Efficient code generation for TradingView platform.
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Pine Script Wizard ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed for generating Pine script strategy or function code for TradingView. It offers a quick and efficient solution for traders seeking high-quality code by leveraging the power of AI.

With Pine Script Wizard, users can create custom TradingView strategies or indicators in seconds.The tool operates through a chat-based interface, allowing users to input their coding objectives in text format.

The AI-powered system then formulates clear objectives based on user needs, guiding the code generation process. Users can specify the type of trading system they are looking for, such as trend-following, mean-reversion, breakout system, or simply an indicator.

They can also indicate their preferred indicators and settings, trading rules, and preferred market side (long or short signals). Additionally, users can define take profit and stop loss levels.Once the input is provided, Pine Script Wizard generates optimized and accurate Pine script code suitable for the TradingView platform.

Users can then conveniently copy and paste the generated code into the TradingView Pine Editor. In case of errors during code saving and compiling, users can paste the error back into the chat, and the AI will provide fixes.Please note that while the generated code is educational, it is not intended for actual trading without thorough testing and analysis.

Traders are advised to consider their objectives and experience level before making any trading decisions. Pine Script Wizard is not affiliated with OpenAI, TradingView, or PineScript™, and all brand names, logos, and product names mentioned belong to their respective owners.


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May 20, 2024
I tried to create a basic indicator for an order block but it couldn't write the right script. I pasted it to Scripts in Trading View and Trading view editor gave too many and very basics errors. I don't think it's fine tuned.

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