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ByPlain Soft
Efficient, task-focused GPT for formatting scripts and JSON fields.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Send me a script or JSON to format.
Sample prompts:
Format this JSON data for me.
Can you convert this script to HTML?
Please format this code snippet.
I need this script reformatted, can you help?
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Script Formatter is a purpose-built GPT designed to streamline and optimize the process of script and JSON formatting. Developed by Plain Soft, this GPT can assist in transforming unsorted or messy code snippets into a more readable and manageable format.

This plays a crucial role in debugging and improving the overall code quality. It is particularly effective for JSON data formatting, which is an essential need when dealing with data-driven applications or APIs.

Another specialized function of this tool is the conversion of scripts to HTML, making it an invaluable resource in the process of web development. Its integration with ChatGPT Plus expands its reach, allowing users to request script formatting directly via chat.

To use this tool effectively, users can send the script or JSON to be formatted and wait for a response. A selection of prompt starters like 'Format this JSON data for me' and 'Can you convert this script to HTML?' indicate the tool's main functionalities.

Its utility spans developers of all levels who need a reliable and accessible tool for formatting scripts or JSON data quickly and accurately.


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Script Formatter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2023.
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