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Contextual code editor for generated pair-programming.
Generated by ChatGPT

Cursor is an AI-first code editor designed for pair-programming. It offers features that aim to enhance productivity and efficiency for software engineers.

The tool allows for easy migration of favorite vscode extensions, themes, and keybindings with just one click. Cursor also offers a local mode option, ensuring that none of the user's data is stored in their servers or logs, prioritizing data privacy and security.With Cursor, developers can chat with their projects, making it easier to find code solutions tailored to their specific repositories.

The tool also provides the ability to ask about the codebase, saving time by identifying the right place to start a change or the correct method to call.

Developers can browse documentation, code definitions, and files seamlessly, without the need to leave the editor.One of the key features of Cursor is the AI-powered code generation capability.

It can help developers stay focused by automatically writing low-level logic, enabling them to make code changes effortlessly. The AI can generate code from scratch based on simple instructions and assist in spotting and fixing bugs by scanning the code and investigating linter errors and stack traces.Cursor has gained popularity among developers worldwide and has been praised for its ability to improve coding efficiency and provide a context-aware coding experience.

With its integration of GPT-4 technology, Cursor aims to offer a game-changing experience for developers, reducing the time from idea to prototype.


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Mar 22, 2024
I have used it for a while now and it works really well with regular updates. Certainly something I can recommend trying out as importing settings from vscode is really easy so the transition doesn't take longer than 5 minutes.
Feb 20, 2024
Based on VSCodium/VSCode. It looks like AI related options are well integrated throughout the IDE (after few hours of using it).

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Pros and Cons


Easy vscode extensions migration
One-click keybindings and themes import
Local mode for privacy
No data stored in servers/logs
Chat with projects feature
Codebase query ability
Seamless documentation browsing
Code definitions access within editor
Spotting and fixing bugs feature
Automated linter errors investigation
Automatic stack traces checking
GPT-4 technology integration
Context-aware coding experience
Significantly reduces prototype time
Loved by developers worldwide
Pair-programming focus
Efficient code changes implementation
Code from-scratch generation
Method or class change prompts
Aides in understanding codebase


No mobile app
Limited language support
Dependence on GPT-4
No web version
No collaborative feature
No data-cloud option
Inherited VSCode's limitations
No version control integration
Lacks refactoring functionality
Limited debugging features


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What is the process to download and install Cursor?


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