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ByHaotian Song
Transforming code with machine learning expertise.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to format some code?
Sample prompts:
Format my code based on the following information:
Explain this term:
Explain the following code:
Optimize my following model:
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Machine Learning Advisor is a GPT designed with a particular focus on helping with code formatting tasks related to machine learning. It is developed by an ML engineer named Haotian Song.

The tool integrates with ChatGPT and offers additional functions to facilitate interactive engagement with machine learning-related tasks and concepts, making it a useful assistant for machine learning engineers and enthusiasts alike.

The GPT presents itself with a friendly welcome message, 'Hello! Ready to format some code?', indicating its main purpose and engaging interaction style.

It provides prompt starters such as 'Format my code based on the following information:', 'Explain this term:', 'Explain the following code:', and 'Optimize my following model:', hinting at a wider range of functions.

Beyond code formatting, Machine Learning Advisor can also be used as an educative tool, explaining terms and concepts related to ML, and even offering suggestions for model optimization, a crucial aspect in any machine learning project.

It is important to note that usage of the Machine Learning Advisor requires chatGPT Plus, indicating that it is an additional feature added to the base ChatGPT that offers more specific assistance in the field of machine learning.

In summary, Machine Learning Advisor is a user-friendly, ML-focused GPT designed to assist users with various tasks including formatting code, understanding concepts, and optimizing models, all within the realm of machine learning.


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Machine Learning Advisor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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