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Collaborate with a virtual research assistant.
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NotebookLM is an advanced note-taking tool which utilizes artificial intelligence to provide a personalized research assistant. Uploading relevant documents turns NotebookLM into an expert on the information that matters to you and it can assist in transforming your compiled notes into a variety of resources such as outlines, blog posts, business plans, and more.

Its notable feature is the ability to shift effortlessly from reading to asking questions to writing with an AI providing guidance at every step. Moreover, the platform ensures user privacy, as any private or sensitive information is not used for the AI training, securing your personal data unless choose to share it with others.

Also, it promotes collaboration as users can share their sources with other collaborators. Please note that currently, NotebookLM is only available for users aged 18 and above in the United States.


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NotebookLM was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized research assistant
Document upload feature
Expert on uploaded information
Transforms notes into resources
Outlines, blog posts, business plans
Shifts from reading to writing
User privacy ensured
Secure personal data
Promotes collaboration
Sharing sources with collaborators
Only for users 18 and up
Available in the US
Effortless information aggregation
Intelligent writing assistance


US only
18+ age restriction
No video support
Limited document types
Limited output formats
Dependent on document upload
Not freely available
Unclear privacy terms
Restricted sharing options

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