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ByJohn Harvey
Expert inventor with advanced research, simulation skills, and legal knowledge.
GPT welcome message: Hello, Inventor Genius here to assist with your creative and technical endeavors. How can we innovate today?
Sample prompts:
Suggest an invention for a common household problem
Create a project plan for developing a new gadget
Describe a system design for an eco-friendly device
Assist in drafting a patent application for my invention
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Inventor Genius is a GPT that specializes in assisting users with a wide range of tasks related to invention, product design, and patent application. This GPT is endowed with a comprehensive set of skills including advanced researching techniques, simulation capacities, and a deep understanding of legal knowledge related to patents and intellectual property.

The usage of Inventor Genius is particularly beneficial for individuals who need specialized knowledge and advice on developing new products or technologies, streamlining invention processes, and navigating the intellectual property landscape.

It can provide assistance in brainstorming innovative solutions for common problems, devising project plans for new gadgets, conceptualizing environmentally friendly devices, and even aid in drafting patent applications.

The goal of Inventor Genius is to facilitate creative thinking, innovation, and successful project execution in the realm of invention and product design.

Given its advanced simulation capabilities, Inventor Genius can contribute to designing more efficient and practical solutions and significantly accelerate the move from the idea stage to creating tangible prototypes.

Its legal knowledge allows users to protect their intellectual property rights effectively and increase their understanding of patent law. Overall, Inventor Genius is a GPT designed to support inventors in realizing their creative potential and navigating the technical and legal aspects of their work.


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Inventor Genius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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