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Market insights and consumer research.
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Decode is an AI-powered qualitative research platform that allows users to convert conversations into actionable data. It can transcribe live or pre-recorded sessions and highlight key sections, facilitating seamless collaboration across teams.

This tool is designed for industries across the board, catering to marketing, product, research, and design teams who want to conduct agile research and build better products.

Decode helps users gain unbiased insights by analyzing voice tonality and facial cues to truly understand their customers' interests and engagement levels.

It offers features such as transcript searchability, tagging, and highlighting for better data visualization and collaboration. With its comprehensive conversation analytics and emotion intelligence capabilities, Decode enables users to measure the efficacy of specific themes across multiple conversations and summarize interactions effectively.

The platform also offers integration with other tools and platforms through API connectors, allowing users to curate research and customer conversations under one dashboard.

In terms of security, Decode is SOC 2 – Type 2 certified, ISO 27001 certified, and GDPR compliant, ensuring enterprise-grade data protection. The advantages of using Decode include gathering proof-based consumer insights through emotion analytics, simplified end-to-end qualitative research, agility in conducting and analyzing research projects at scale, and ultimately increasing return on investment.


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Decode by Entropik was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes live sessions
Transcribes pre-recorded sessions
Highlights key sections
Facilitates team collaboration
Suitable for various industries
Can analyze voice tonality
Analyzes facial cues
Transcript searchability feature
Tagging for data visualization
Data highlighting for better visualization
Integration with other tools
Conversation analytics capability
Emotion intelligence capabilities
SOC 2 - Type 2 certified
ISO 27001 certified
GDPR compliant
Offers emotion analytics
Agile qualitative research
Higher ROI
API connectors for seamless integration
Single source of truth creation
Real-time transcripts feature
Speaker identification
Surveys creation
Emotion recognition capabilities
Facial coding
Sentiment Analysis
Voice Tonality analysis
Allows nested conversations
Single Sign On support
Social Sign On support
20+ tool integrations
Video Conferencing integration
Contact Centre integration
VoIP integration
Sales Enablement integration
CRM integration
FTP/SFTP Flat file integration
Automated processes for higher productivity


Requires setup for API integration
No offline functionality
Limited custom report capabilities
OCR for images missing
No real-time sentiment updating
Potential bias in emotion analytics
No multi-language support mentioned
Limited facial emotion recognition
No on-premises deployment option


What is Decode by Entropik?
How does Decode convert conversations into actionable data?
Can Decode transcribe live sessions?
Who can benefit from using Decode?
Can Decode analyze voice tonality and facial cues?
What features does Decode offer for data visualization?
How does Decode facilitate team collaboration?
What industries is Decode suitable for?
Does Decode offer API integration with other platforms?
What security certifications does Decode have?
How can Decode help in conducting agile research?
What makes Decode's data analysis unbiased?
Can Decode's Analytic capabilities measure the efficacy of specific themes across multiple conversations?
How does Decode facilitate better product building?
What is the advantage of Decode's emotion intelligence capabilities?
How does Decode contribute to increased return on investment?
How does Decode's emotion analytics contribute to consumer insights?
Can I use Decode for live interviews?
Is Decode compliant with data privacy laws like GDPR?
What are Decode's Capabilities in terms of Emotion Recognition?

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