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CrowdPrisma is an AI-powered survey analysis engine that can help users identify subgroups of respondents and meaningful signals in free-text responses at a significantly faster pace than traditional manual analysis.

The tool uses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze thousands of free-text responses and group them into topics automatically, with succinct summaries provided for easy interpretation.

The interactive dashboard feature allows users to explore and analyze any subset of respondents, providing insights into how different questions are related to each other.

CrowdPrisma's AI engine reads through and analyzes survey results in an intuitive and engaging way. By identifying subgroups of respondents who think similarly, CrowdPrisma discovers the key topics they talk about.

This feature helps users save time as analysis that previously took weeks can now be done in less than an hour. CrowdPrisma's pricing model offers a free trial, which includes one survey, ten questions, two hundred participants, and access to all of the tool's features.

The beta testing program provides a 25% discount on the first year's bill for those who participate. In summary, CrowdPrisma is a powerful and innovative survey analysis tool that leverages AI and NLP to help users discover meaningful insights in the responses of their target audience, allowing for better and faster decision-making.


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Crowd Prisma was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Identifies subgroups of respondents
Signals in free-text responses
Fast results with NLP
Interactive dashboard
Explores respondent subset
Reveals question relations
Quick topic summarization
Free trial available
First use discount benefits
All features in trial
Numerous answer type detection
Automatic topic grouping
Time-saving tool
Useful for better decision-making
Beta testing program
Cross-filterable graphs
Enhanced data exploration
Intuitive user interface
Saves costs in analysis
Visualization of survey responses
Understands free-text responses
Summarizes topics succinctly
Simplifies complex response analysis
Connects with social platforms
Clear pricing model
Customer support availability
Maintains online information security
Engaging response analysis


Limited free trial
Restricted to textual analysis
No multilingual support mentioned
Pricing not transparent
Beta status may imply instability
No downloadable data mentioned
Lack of integration options


What is CrowdPrisma?
How does CrowdPrisma work?
What features does CrowdPrisma offer?
How does CrowdPrisma use Natural Language Processing?
How long does it take CrowdPrisma to analyze a survey?
How does CrowdPrisma automate the survey analysis process?
What are the benefits of using CrowdPrisma over traditional survey analysis methods?
How does the interactive dashboard in CrowdPrisma work?
Can I identify subgroups of respondents using CrowdPrisma?
What does CrowdPrisma's trial offer include?
What are the benefits of participating in CrowdPrisma's beta testing program?
How does CrowdPrisma help in identifying meaningful signals in survey responses?
What are the pricing options for CrowdPrisma?
Is CrowdPrisma useful for large-scale surveys?
How user-friendly is CrowdPrisma's dashboard?
How does CrowdPrisma analyze free-text responses?
Can CrowdPrisma be used for analyzing responses to multiple question types?
How does CrowdPrisma help in faster decision-making?
Where can I sign up for CrowdPrisma?
Are discounts available for first-time users of CrowdPrisma?

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