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Launch a live conversation with hundreds, understand your audience in real-time using AI.
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Remesh is an AI-powered tool designed to obtain qualitative insights on a quantitative scale. It facilitates live conversations with vast audiences, utilizing AI technology to promptly organize and analyze their responses.

The analytical capabilities of Remesh enables users to comprehend audience sentiments in real-time, facilitating informed business decisions based on richer insights presented faster.

The platform is utilized across various industries, aiding users in understanding their respective audiences better. This understanding subsequently empowers the creation of better products, companies, and governments.

Remesh supports several use-cases with its platform. Among the most popular uses are in market research, to develop products and marketing messages that reflect audience preference; in employee research, where it provides a platform for engagement and capturing feedback, and in politics and government where it helps to grasp constituent concerns.

Remesh not only democratizes insights but also significantly reduces the time typical of traditional focus groups and follow-up surveys.


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Remesh was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time audience analysis
Supports large audience interaction
Facilitates live conversations
Rapid response organization
Richer insights generation
Insights democratization
Minimizes traditional focus group time
Popular in market research
Useful in employee research
Helpful for politics/government understanding
Product and message development
Employee engagement and feedback
Constituent concerns collation
Useful across various industries
Fast business decisions support
Sentiment analysis capability
Qualitative and quantitative analysis
Real-time insight presentation
Facilitates audience understanding
Helps create better products
Mitigates risk, reduces bias
Saves resources, reduces follow-ups
Time reduction for research
Enables storytelling from data
Cost-effective insights
Aids in concept ideation
Provides early advertisement feedback
Supports diversity & inclusion research
Accelerated time to insight
Multi-industry applicability
Application in culture transformation
Useful for citizen engagement
Supports employee benefits understanding
Flexible conversation management
Handles up to 1000 interactions
Ideal for ad testing
Supports package testing
Useful for concept testing
Helpful in shelf & claims testing
Applicable for change management
Platform for foundation research
Enables research-driven decision making
Customer voice incorporation
Diverse use case support
Testimonials availability
Real-time consumer insights
Fast, actionable insights
Multi-platform communication


Limited to 1000 participants
Potential for audience bias
No downloadable reports
No integration with other tools
Real-time only, no offline mode
Limited customization
Lacks text translation features
No multilingual support
No specific industry solutions
Lacks predictive analytics


What industries does Remesh service?
How does Remesh gather and analyze audience responses?
What are the most popular use cases for Remesh?
Can Remesh be used for employee research?
What benefits does Remesh provide for market research?
Does Remesh support quantitative and qualitative analysis?
How does Remesh help with product development?
How is Remesh's platform democratizing insights?
What role does Remesh play in politics and government?
Does Remesh facilitate live conversations with large audiences?
Can Remesh help me understand my audience in real-time?
How does Remesh compare to traditional focus groups and surveys?
What does 'insights at a quantitative scale' mean in relation to Remesh?
Can Remesh aid in the development of marketing messages?
Does Remesh aid in understanding sentiments of vast audiences?
How long does it take to analyze data using Remesh?
Can Remesh be used in crowdsourcing ideas?
What kind of AI technology does Remesh utilize?
In what ways does Remesh support decision-making in businesses?
What is the extent of audience that can participate in a live conversation on Remesh?

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