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All your user research in one spot. Central, searchable, shareable.
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Marvin is an AI-powered research software designed to streamline the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing qualitative data. This platform serves as a centralized location for all user research data, making it easily searchable and shareable.

One of its main features is the capability to analyze hours of research in mere minutes, highlighting its efficiency and time-saving capabilities. Marvin employs advanced AI to automate various tasks in qualitative research, thereby freeing users to focus on uncovering rich insights about their customers' needs.

It includes functions such as precise time-stamping of notes and a built-in repository for interviews, transcripts, notes, and other research artifacts.

Furthermore, Marvin can consolidate user insights, aiding in pattern recognition that might otherwise be missed. The platform is also equipped with features for creating and sharing concise reports and clips, enabling users to present findings eloquently and efficiently.

It also assists with the management of user interview panels and participant recruitment, facilitating user data tracking within a single platform. Marvin supports transcription in multiple languages and safeguards user data in compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC2 standards.

Its capabilities extend to automating the tagging and analysis of data, removing personal information from user interviews for privacy, and integrating various types of data into the research repository.


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Apr 4, 2024
I found a lot of value so far. I'm surprised this isn't saved more often. Great tool for speeding up qual data analysis and repository.

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Pros and Cons


Centralized user research data
Quick research analysis
Precise time-stamping of notes
Built-in repository for interviews
Insight consolidation
Creates eloquent reports
Facilitates participant recruitment
Multilanguage transcription
HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 compliance
Automatic data tagging
Removes personal information for privacy
Integrated data types into repository
Manages interview panels
Single platform for data tracking
Automated qualitative research tasks
User data protection
User data is easily searchable


No API integration
No custom security
No PII compliance
Limited functionalities for free/essential plans
Charges for overages
Limited language support
Minimum users for standard/enterprise plans
Slow onboarding (request access)
Paid plans are expensive
Dependent on credit card payments


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Does Marvin have a built-in repository for interviews, transcripts, notes, and other research artifacts?
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