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Transforming market research via AI.
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Sample prompts:
Epiphany, what are the emerging trends in [industry/market] for the next five years?
Can you identify any underserved markets or consumer needs in [specific sector]
What product or service could disrupt the [specific industry] right now?
How could a small business differentiate itself in the crowded [specific market]?
Which industries should angel investors be watching closely this year?
What technological advancements are poised to impact the [industry] significantly?
How can a company in [industry] innovate while also being sustainable and ethical?
What shifts in consumer behavior are likely to affect the [product category] market?
Can you analyze the pros and cons of the [business model] in today's economy?
What are the potential effects of current geopolitical tensions on global trade?
What economic indicators should we watch to predict the next big market shift?
What are the first steps to take when considering a startup in [industry]?
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Epiphany is a GPT designed to assist in fields of market research and entrepreneurship. Developed by, this AI tool can be described as a market researcher or a serial entrepreneur.

It is specially designed to provide insightful advice and guidance in different business scenarios, making it a useful tool for business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors alike.

Epiphany aims to answer a variety of questions related to market trends, consumer needs, product disruptions, and business differentiation. It can also highlight potential industries of interest for angel investors, and predict the impact of technological advancements on diverse sectors.

The tool is also capable of providing analysis on shifts in consumer behavior, business models, and suggests the first steps when considering a startup in specific industries.

Moreover, the AI tool demonstrates a foresight and understanding of current and future business landscapes. It can advise on economic indicators that may predict significant shifts in the market and discern the potential effects of geopolitical tensions on global trade.

It allows users to address questions on how a company can innovate while maintaining sustainable and ethical practices. The AI tool is powered by the ChatGPT platform and requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access.

Therefore, it can be said that Epiphany serves as a dynamic, comprehensive consultant for market analysis and entrepreneurial ventures, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking strategic and insightful business advice.


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