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Platform for persona-based marketing research.
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OpinioAI is an AI-powered research platform that helps researchers conduct product and marketing research by providing relevant insights, data, and opinions using AI language models.

This tool allows users to build an AI version of their buyer persona and focus their research efforts on relevant areas. Researchers can ask anything they like from predefined personas and evaluate content from the perspective of their core personas.

OpinioAI aims to help researchers replace traditional data collection methods and work faster, easier, and leaner by tapping into the statistical engines of Large Language Models (such is GPT-3) and exploring the possibilities of these AI models.

At the moment, the MVP feature set of the tool applies persona traits over a vanilla model, but the tool's creators plan to expand the feature set to cover fine-tuned models, complex survey design, bulk answers, analysis, and reporting.OpinioAI offers a free sign-up option and an AI-powered research platform to kickstart marketing research with relevant insights.

The tool also provides a simple and scalable data collection method without relying on polls, surveys, or other legacy methods.


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OpinioAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Persona-based research
Replaces traditional data methods
Statistical engine use
Tap into GPT-3 capabilities
Future fine-tuned models
Complex survey design plans
Bulk answers feature
Analysis and reporting expansion
Free sign-up option
Scalable data collection
Polls and surveys elimination
Buyer persona creation
Ask anything feature
Content evaluation from persona's perspective
Marketing research kickstart
No credit card required
Focus-oriented research
Legacy method replacement
Relevant insight provision
Platform for product research
Platform for social research
User-friendly interface


Limited to predefined personas
Lacks fine-tuned models currently
No complex survey design
Doesn't support bulk answers
Missing analysis capability
Reporting feature not available
No legacy data integration
Can't simulate human samples currently
Not clear USPs evaluation
Limited MVP feature set


What is OpinioAI?
How does OpinioAI use AI to assist in marketing research?
What are the key features of OpinioAI?
What is the function of AI models such as GPT-3 in OpinioAI?
How does OpinioAI help in creating buyer personas?
How does OpinioAI substitute traditional data collection methods?
How does OpinioAI evaluate content?
Does OpinioAI offer fine-tuned models and complex survey design?
What is the future plan for OpinioAI in terms of feature expansion?
How scalable is OpinioAI as a research tool?
What data can someone gain from using OpinioAI?
What is the purpose of creating an AI version of a buyer persona on OpinioAI?
How does OpinioAI enable bulk answers, analysis, and reporting?
Does OpinioAI require a credit card to sign up?
Is there a free option for using OpinioAI?
What are the sign-up options for OpinioAI?
How does an AI persona in OpinioAI interact?
How can OpinioAI help in product research?
Is OpinioAI's research method faster and leaner than traditional methods?
How are the insights provided by OpinioAI relevant for marketers?

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