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The best Shopify store spy tool for dropshipping and sales tracking.
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PPSPY is an AI-assisted tool designed to provide insights and analytics for those operating Shopify stores. It supports dropshipping and offers functionality for tracking sales, identifying best-selling products and researching market trends.

With PPSPY, users can monitor competitors' sales and gain insights into their performance to inform decision-making. The tool also supports the identification of best-selling products, powered by its AI algorithms.

Another notable feature of PPSPY is its ability to assist with market research. Users can filter online stores by various metrics, including revenue and search volume, to gain insights into traffic sources, trends, and advertising platforms.

In addition to this, the tool also provides assistance with product research, enabling users to discover hot selling products and latest trends, as well as get insights for product landing page designs.

Users can additionally find one-product stores, which are optimal for dropshipping. PPSPY also offers insights on Shopify theme designs based on various factors, and allows for traffic research to identify stores with high growth potential.

It positions itself as a comprehensive solution for dropshipping and Shopify store operations.


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Pros and Cons


Sales tracking functionality
Competitor sales monitoring
Market research assistance
Revenue and search volume metrics
Assistance with product research
Discovery of best-selling products
Identification of one-product stores
Dropshipping support
Shopify theme insights
Traffic research capabilities
Revenue insights
Product landing page insights
Shopify store insights
Store filtering by various metrics
Discover hot selling products
Find one-product stores
Assists in Shopify theme designs
Insight into traffic sources
Advertisements platforms analysis
Predicts order data
Gives comprehensive competitor view
Store filter by sales and revenue
Store attribute filtering
Track Shopify sales
Find Shopify Dropshipping Items
Monthly sales and revenue metrics
Discover latest product trends
Product landing page design insights
Filter by keyword, price range
Identify stores with high traffic growth
Traffic trends for the store
Shopify design ideas
Discover paid advertising platforms
Large number of users
Identify high growth potential stores
Discover stores' promotion strategies


Doesn't work without JavaScript
Requires installation (Chrome extension)
No native app support
No multi-platform support
Not fully automated
Limited information on pricing
No indication of real-time analytics
Needs to create account
No explicit data privacy policy


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Can I track competitors' sales with PPSPY?

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