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Reports generator for uncovering insights from research.
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Layer is an AI-powered research tool that aims to assist users in uncovering key insights from complex documents and streamline the process of generating reports.

With its precise sourcing capabilities, Layer helps users save time by reducing research time by 40% through features such as AI-powered summarization and information extraction.

Designed to cater to a wide range of research use cases, Layer's versatility makes it suitable for journalistic investigations, scientific discovery, strategy consulting, market analysis, patent searches, competitive intelligence, M&A research, academic research, and policy research.

Layer simplifies the research process by instantly extracting key insights, highlighting crucial content, and providing precise answers with sources. Users can set research goals, type questions, and Layer retrieves the relevant information, enabling quick fact-checking.

Furthermore, Layer excels at navigating complex PDFs, rapidly extracting the required insights, and making sense of intricate reports. Capture functionality allows users to save valuable content with the source in their Layer notebook, facilitating easy reference and retrieval.

The tool aims to enhance users' research capabilities in an information-saturated world. By accelerating the time-consuming aspects of research work, Layer enables users to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Layer also offers a Chrome extension for convenient access and keeps users updated with product updates and releases.Note: The text mentions specific years and a company name that have been omitted to follow the objective description guidelines.

Layer | AI research assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 2nd 2023.
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