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Optimizes guest research for hosts and organizers
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GuestLab is an AI tool that aims to save time and streamline the guest research process for podcast hosts, event organizers, and interviewers. By leveraging AI technology, GuestLab generates well-crafted introductions, interesting topics, and insightful questions based on the guest's X/LinkedIn profiles.

The tool's goal is to provide accurate and relevant information about the guests in a matter of seconds.The inspiration behind GuestLab came from the founder's personal experience as a podcast host and event organizer, where hours were spent manually researching guests on platforms like X/LinkedIn.

In an effort to simplify and expedite this process, the founder developed GuestLab as an AI-powered solution.The tool is designed to act as an "aide-de-camp" for users, much like Alfred assisting Batman, by offering prompt access to accurate guest information.

By joining the waitlist, users can anticipate having access to the tool's hyper-speed research capabilities.GuestLab is currently in the development phase, with an upcoming minimum viable product (MVP) in progress.

Interested users can secure priority access by sharing a designated tweet with their friends, encouraging beta participation.Overall, GuestLab aims to enhance efficiency and mitigate the time investment associated with guest research, allowing hosts and organizers to focus on creating engaging content and delivering impactful events.


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GuestLab was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates event introductions
Creates insightful questions
Rapid guest information retrieval
Minimizes research time
Focus on content creation
Access to hyper-speed research
Relevance and accuracy assured
LinkedIn integration
Waitlist for early access
Potential for priority access
Tools for engaging event delivery
Utilizes personal experience insights
MVP under active development
Social media share for access
Support for podcast hosts
Assists event organizers
Streamlines interview preparation
Promotes efficiency in research
Personalized guest information
Twitter-linked for updates


Still in development phase
No listed security features
Requires waitlist registration
Lacks customization options
Limited to X/LinkedIn profiles
Possibly biased results
Potential data privacy concerns
No mobile application
No API available
No multi-user support


What is GuestLab?
How does GuestLab help with guest research?
Who can benefit from using GuestLab?
What kind of introductions does GuestLab generate?
How does GuestLab create questions based on guests' profiles?
Does GuestLab only work with information from LinkedIn or does it support other platforms too?
When will GuestLab launch?
How can I get on the GuestLab waitlist?
Does joining the waitlist guarantee access to GuestLab?
How can I secure priority access to GuestLab?
Why is GuestLab referred to as an 'aide-de-camp'?
What inspired the creation of GuestLab?
How can GuestLab assist me in hosting a podcast or an event?
What's the purpose of the designated tweet for GuestLab?
Is GuestLab going to be a free tool or a premium one?
What does the development phase of GuestLab involve?
How will GuestLab tell me accurate information about my guests?
What impact is GuestLab may have on my time investment?
Who are the developers behind GuestLab?
How can GuestLab help me in producing engaging content and organizing impactful events?

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