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Interactive quiz and game creator for learning and fun.
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DUNNO is an AI-powered quiz platform that uses GPT-based models as the engine for generating quizzes and intellectual games. With DUNNO, users can quickly create their own quizzes based on any text, topic, or personal notes.

The platform offers the option to play the quizzes alone or invite friends to join. DUNNO aims to enhance learning experiences by turning them into thrilling games.DUNNO is suitable for various scenarios.

It can be used by tutors, teachers, or self-learners to create AI-powered quizzes from their materials, boosting engagement and deepening understanding.

The platform can also energize meetings, presentations, and events by transforming ideas into interactive quizzes, involving colleagues, and assessing comprehension.

Additionally, DUNNO provides a fun way to spice up gatherings with friends and family, offering the opportunity for friendly competition while discovering something new.To ensure accuracy, DUNNO currently utilizes the GPT-3.5 model for content generation, with plans to upgrade to the GPT-4 model in the future.

However, it is advised to double-check factual information as generative models can be prone to error.DUNNO offers a free version with three credits provided to generate quizzes.

Paid plans with more credits and additional features are expected to be introduced. The platform also plans to expand the range of topics and difficulty levels, introduce new game formats, and allow users to create and launch public and private rooms with custom games and content.

Users can provide feedback through the Discord channel to help improve the platform.


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