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Speed-read articles with synthesized voices.
Generated by ChatGPT

Playtext is a text-to-speech app that can capture articles from the internet and present them in a distraction-free environment using AI-generated voices.

It aims to improve reading speed by doubling the normal reading pace, allowing users to read at a comfortable pace of up to 4x faster than usual. With regular usage, Playtext can train users to read at these high speeds without sacrificing comprehension.

Users can access Playtext through either an extension or by copying and pasting any piece of text into the app. The extension allows articles to be captured instantly, making them playable in the app.

The app also offers multilingual support, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts are available for a fully controlled reading experience.

Playtext's app is particularly useful for individuals with dyslexia or learning disabilities, helping them improve their reading skills and enjoy articles that may otherwise be challenging.

The focus on AI technology aims to provide users with human-like voices that can be both engaging and informative. In conclusion, Playtext is a handy tool for anyone looking to enhance their reading experience, improve their reading speed, and increase content retention and comprehension.


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Nov 27, 2023
Inscrivez-vous, c'est gratuit! 9h41  Qu’est-ce que Playtext ? Playtext transforme n'importe quel texte en livre audio et vous aide à lire 3 x plus rapidement. Nous extrayons le contenu et le présentons dans un environnement sans distraction tout en utilisant l'IA pour générer des voix humaines qui lisent le texte à haute voix. Avec Playtext, vous pouvez lire à un rythme qui vous convient, que ce soit 1x, 2x ou même 3x la vitesse. Vous pouvez entraîner vos oreilles à lire jusqu'à 3 fois plus vite avec une utilisation régulière ! Pour accélérer les choses, appuyez simplement sur l'icône . Et le meilleur ? Vous pouvez toujours comprendre tout ce que vous lisez, même à des vitesses plus élevées. En effet, Playtext vous permet de lire et d'écouter en même temps, ce qui améliore considérablement la rétention et la compréhension du contenu. Donc, si vous cherchez une nouvelle façon de profiter de vos articles préférés et d'améliorer votre vitesse de lecture, essayez Playtext. Vous pourriez être surpris de voir à quel point vous allez l'adorer !
Nov 27, 2023
Read at the Speed of Sound Turn Websites into Audiobooks. Read 3x Faster! Sign up – It's Free!
Jul 28, 2023
only a free trial with credit card data

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Pros and Cons


Speed-read articles
Distraction-free environment
Improves reading speed
Trainable high-speed reading
Multilingual support
Extension for instant capturing
Aids users with dyslexia
Keyboard shortcuts
Copy-paste text functionality
Can turn any text into playable content
Boosts comprehension and retention
Supports 2x to 4x speed
Simultaneous reading and listening
Increases content retention
Supports learning disabilities
Applicable for PDFs, emails, books
Engages and prevents mind wandering
Useful for non-native English speakers


Limited supported languages
Focus on reading speed
No mobile app
Limited accessibility features
Exclusively text-to-speech
Limited interoperability
No offline usage


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How does Playtext capture articles from the internet?
Does the Playtext app offer any keyboard shortcuts?
Can I use Playtext to read books, emails, or PDFs?
How does Playtext's AI technology enhance the reading experience?
Does Playtext support multilingual texts?
What's the maximum increase in reading speed that Playtext can support?
How can Playtext train my reading speed?
What makes Playtext different from other text-to-speech apps?
Can I use Playtext to read any online article?
How can I sign up for Playtext?


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