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Reading comprehension & speed training.
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Readyy is an AI-powered reading comprehension and speed training app designed to improve reading skills. Users can practice at various difficulty levels and track their progress over time.

The app allows users to compare their skills with others, creating a competitive element to the training. A Readyy account offers additional features such as progress tracking, ensuring users can see their improvement over time.

The app also utilizes GPT artificial intelligence to provide fresh and relevant tests. Users can engage in friendly competition by participating on the global leaderboard.The importance of improving reading speed and comprehension is highlighted through research findings.

Early engagement with reading has been shown to lay the foundation for cognitive growth and vocabulary acquisition in children. Strong reading comprehension skills are important for grasping complex ideas and interpreting information effectively.

Additionally, reading comprehension skills have a positive impact on academic achievement across all subjects.For adults, reading can contribute to cognitive preservation and potentially delay cognitive decline.

In the digital age, having strong reading comprehension skills is essential for critically evaluating sources and navigating online information effectively.Readyy is particularly suitable for schools, colleges, and universities, as it offers an institution plan that allows institutions to invite and remove students and colleagues without extra charges.Overall, Readyy is a comprehensive tool that utilizes AI technology to help users improve their reading speed and comprehension skills, with a focus on tracking progress and encouraging friendly competition.


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Readyy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Improves reading comprehension
Improves reading speed
Progress tracking over time
Competitive element in learning
Offers different difficulty levels
Relies on GPT intelligence
Provides fresh, relevant tests
Global leaderboard for competition
Suits schools, colleges, universities
Free from extra charges
Focus on cognitive growth
Improves working memory
Useful in all academics
Helps in digital literacy
Critical thinking improvement
Helps maintain cognitive function
Preserves cognitive abilities
Institution plan available
Creates a competitive environment
History of attempts recorded
Enhanced vocabulary acquisition
Future academic success
Language arts improvement
Can delay cognitive decline
Zero payment for invites


Only has a leaderboard feature
No offline functionality
No multi-language coverage
No customizable texts
No learning modules
No direct research database
No voice-over feature
No adjustable complexity
No parental control settings
No accessibility options


What is Readyy?
What are the key features of Readyy?
What type of artificial intelligence does Readyy use?
Can I track my progress over time with Readyy?
How does Readyy help to improve my reading comprehension and speed?
Can I compare my reading skills with others using Readyy?
What added benefits do I get when I create a Readyy account?
Does Readyy offer different difficulty levels for practice?
What is the global leaderboard feature in Readyy?
Can Readyy be used in schools and universities?
What is the institution plan offered by Readyy?
Can I remove students or colleagues from the institution plan in Readyy?
What does research say about improving reading comprehension and speed?
How does improving reading comprehension impacts academic success?
Does Readyy contribute to adult literacy and cognitive aging?
How is Readyy beneficial in the era of digital literacy and critical thinking?
How does Readyy facilitate critical evaluation of online information?
Is there a cost associated with creating a Readyy account?
How does Readyy maintain the freshness of its tests?
Does Readyy use GPT artificial intelligence for test generation?

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