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Transforming text to speech with AI voices.
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NaturalReader is an AI-powered Text to Speech (TTS) application developed by NaturalSoft Limited. It has the capability to convert written text into natural-sounding spoken words.

The application supports over 20 different formats including PDF and over 50 languages, and uses artificial intelligence to create over 200 unique voice outputs.

A key feature of NaturalReader is its multilingual voices powered by a technology called Large Language Models (LLM), which reportedly enhances the quality, fluency, and comprehension of the spoken output.The tool also comes with a voice cloning feature which harnesses artificial intelligence to replicate any voice instantly.

One of the key benefits of NaturalReader is its range of applications. It permits individual users to listen to their documents, provides commercial options to generate voiceovers for professional usage, and offers group plans for educational purposes.

Furthermore, it is capable of creating voiceover audio from text, ideal for platforms like YouTube, training sessions, eLearning resources, and audiobooks.Another unique feature of NaturalReader is its content-aware AI voices which not only vocalize the text but also understand the context of the script which aids in producing a more natural and human-like speech.

The application offers user-friendly deployment options, including a web version, a mobile application for both iOS and Android, and a Chrome extension for listening to webpages directly.

NaturalReader was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 26th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Cross-platform compatibility
Commercial Studio features
Features for academic use
Visual and auditory support
Helps reading-based learning disabilities
Dyslexia font
Adjustable reading speeds
Text highlighted during reading
Trusted by 10 million users
Used by over 2000 institutions
Converts text, PDF, other formats
Mobile app
Chrome Extension
Email or class code sharing
Secure and reliable
Easy to use
Supports 20+ formats
Over 50 language support
Over 200 unique voices
Large Language Models technology
Voice cloning feature
Commercial voiceover generator
Group plans for education
User-friendly deployment
Produces human-like speech
Used for platforms like YouTube
Aids for eLearning resources
Creates audiobooks
Web version available
iOS and Android application
Direct listening to webpages


Limited voice customization options
Lacks sophisticated editing features
Limited language models
Content-aware voice might misinterpret context
Doesn't support all text formats
Limited accessibility features
Voice cloning may lack accuracy
No offline mode
Limited multimedia support
Dependent on reliable internet connection


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