Text to speech 13 Sep 2023
Unreal Speech
Affordable solution for speech synthesis.

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Unreal Speech is a Text-to-Speech API tool that aims to significantly reduce the cost of text-to-speech conversion. It claims to offer up to a 95% reduction in costs compared to similar tools such as Eleven Labs, Play.ht, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

The tool provides an API for developers to integrate text-to-speech functionality into their applications.Unreal Speech offers different pricing options, including a free plan and several paid plans with volume discounts.

The cost per 1 million characters varies depending on the chosen plan. The tool also provides an estimated audio duration for the different plans based on a rough calculation of characters to audio conversion.The tool boasts high performance and reliability, with a claimed uptime of 99.9% and a low latency of 0.3 seconds.

The developer claims that Unreal Speech can handle high volumes of text-to-speech processing, even at rates of processing over 10,000+ pages per hour.According to a testimonial from the CEO of Listening.io, Unreal Speech delivered a high-quality listening experience while saving them 75% on text-to-speech costs compared to Amazon Polly.

The tool is described as being able to handle large volumes efficiently without sacrificing quality.Unreal Speech provides API documentation and a live demo for developers to explore and test the tool's capabilities.

It is made in San Francisco and has a blog and support contact available for further information or inquiries regarding custom solutions.

Unreal Speech was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 13th 2023.
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