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Transform blog texts to engaging audios.
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ButterReader is an innovative audio widget that transforms written blog content into engaging audio experiences. It adds a rich, auditory layer to blog posts, allowing for content consumption on the move, thus appealing to a diverse audience.

This tool comes with customization options that allow users to tailor the audio widget to sync with their brand's distinctive flair. Features include design flexibility, voice selection, and control settings which respectively adapt design details to match the site's aesthetic, allow users to choose from various voice options that best express the brand's essence, and adjust playback controls to optimize user listening experience.

ButterReader also promotes multitasking, letting the audience listen to the content while navigating other applications. Its leaderboard ranks audio content based on popularity and engagement, potentially enhancing SEO outcomes.

ButterReader also assures a smooth mobile experience, optimized for ease and convenience of enjoying audio content on-the-go. Installation on the website is reported as a simple process, ensuring a seamless integration.


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ButterReader was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Transforms text to audio
Customizable audio widget
Diverse voice options
Adjustable playback controls
Promotes multitasking
Mobile optimized
Ease of installation
Leaderboard ranking feature
Enhancement of SEO
Blog and brand enhancement
Optimized user experience
Allows for content consumption on-the-go
Visually harmonizes with site design
Play and Away' feature
Tracks content updates
Customize speed and user controls
Single download count per post
Ease of audio content consumption
Showcases top-performing blogs
Increases user engagement


Limited to blog content
No language translation
No offline listening
No natural human voice
Unavailable on all devices
Limited voice options
No full text control
Unclear SEO benefit
Leaderboard bias


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Can ButterReader's audio widget sync with my brand's distinctive flair?
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Is ButterReader optimized for mobile usage?
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How does ButterReader ensure a smooth user experience for mobile listeners?


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