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Audio content from text and videos.
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BlogcastTM is an AI-powered text-to-speech software that enables users to generate audio content from their written articles, posts, videos, and more. The tool provides an audio version of content without the need for a microphone or expensive talent.

Users can enhance their website content, WordPress posts, Medium articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, e-learning courses, demos, support materials or audio-books with natural-sounding AI voices in over 25 different languages and dialects.

BlogcastTM includes a powerful speech synthesis editor that enables full control of the voices, pronunciation, tone, and pauses within the content. The tool provides over 110 various neural AI voices to choose from to ensure professional and realistic voice overs.

BlogcastTM allows users to store and stream their audio files on their servers and embed audio into their blogs or websites using the customizable BlogcastTM media player.

The tool also creates and hosts podcast feeds from the generated audio content, which can be submitted to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. BlogcastTM provides different subscription plans and one-time article credit conversions to choose from depending on the user’s needs.

Overall, BlogcastTM is a powerful AI tool that enables users to expand their reach by voice-enabling their content in a simple, automated, and cost-efficient way.

Blogcast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates audio from text
No microphone required
25+ languages and dialects
Audio file storage
Streaming capabilities on servers
Creates and hosts podcasts
Submits podcasts to iTunes, Spotify, Google
Different subscription plans
Article credit conversions
Audio enhancements for websites
Supports WordPress, Medium
Voice over for YouTube videos
Applicable in E-learning sessions
Creates audio books
Natural-sounding voice overs
Powerful speech synthesis editor
Customizable tone, pauses
Allows multiple voices in a single article
Embeddable media player
Generates MP3 files
Automatic article fetch from URL/RSS
Supports WordPress plugin
Customizable pronunciation
Professional voice overs
Automated voice settings
Saves transcription waiting time
Fully automated podcast creation
Offers natural sounding speech
Expands audience reach
Enhances content accessibility
Supports various content types
Automatic new article detection from RSS feed
Embed audio in blogs or websites
Content voice-enable feature
Import and Sync from URL or RSS feed
Transforms articles into podcasts
Professional voice track creation for videos


Limited language selection
Restricted dialect choices
Limited voices selection
MP3 export only
Lack of detailed editing tools
Subscription or credit-based
No explicit security features
Only supports text-based inputs
Direct stream only on Blogcast
Limited to 100 articles/month


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Can I embed audio into my website using Blogcast?
How can I use Blogcast to create a Podcast?
Does Blogcast allow submission to iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts?
What subscription plans does Blogcast offer?
Does Blogcast provide one-time article credit options?
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Is there a Blogcast plugin for WordPress?
Can I use multiple voices in a single article with Blogcast?
Does Blogcast provide an option to download my generated audio files?


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