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Personalized Christmas audio messages by Elves.
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Personalised Elf Messages is a tool that enables users to create custom audio messages from a Christmas Elf. It allows users to personalise their message with their own words, name and email address.

The audio messages are then recorded by Elves at the North Pole and sent to the user’s inbox. The messages can include references to family members, achievements and other personalised details, making the audio message more special and unique.

The messages have a maximum of 120 words and can include a family joke or a mention of a present they would like for Christmas. The tool also provides tips for writing a great message and examples of Elf Messages to help users get creative.

The cost of creating a message is £2.97, with a 25% discount for early Christmas orders.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized audio messages
120 word maximum
Family inclusion
Inclusion of achievements
User guidance provided
Early order discount
Realistic elf recordings
Cost effective
Unique elf voice
Quick delivery via email
Tips for writing included
Audio sample availability
Celebration of special events
Reference to desired gifts
Embed family jokes


Limited to 120 words
Costs £2.97 per message
Not instant delivery
No editing after submission
Cannot preview before submission
Can't re-use same messages
Only in English
No mobile app
No bulk discount
Only Christmas theme messages


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How can I input my own details for the message?
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Will I be notified when my message is recorded and sent?
Who will be recording my personalised ElfMessage?
How will I receive my ElfMessage?
Can I share or save my ElfMessage after receiving it?
Do the Elves know about specific present requests for Christmas?
Can the ElfMessages include a family joke?
Why do I need to input my email address?
How personal can my ElfMessage be?
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