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Generated audio from written text in multiple languages.
Generated by ChatGPT

TTSMaker is a free online text-to-speech tool that provides speech synthesis services in over 100 languages and a wide variety of voice styles. It is powered by a powerful neural network that makes the speech sound more natural.

It can be used to read text aloud and convert text to audio files that can be downloaded in mp3, wav format. The tool has a character limit of 20000 characters per week, with some voices offering unlimited free use.

It also provides the option to adjust the speed and volume of the speech and to insert pauses between paragraphs. Additionally, it includes a Quick Tutorial section to guide users through the text-to-speech conversion process.

Finally, it offers support via email at [email protected].

TTSMaker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 23rd 2023.
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User Profile PictureAnca Petrache
Β· Sep 22, 2023
Awesome! I had to make a PowerPoint presentation and it had a long text to present. This too helped reading all that in a pleasant professionals voice. And I was able to download the mp2.
User Profile PictureΨΉΩ„ΩŠ
Β· Sep 17, 2023
User Profile Picturesenthilkumar rajagopalan
Β· Sep 14, 2023
I am using it for all my stories

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Pros and Cons


Supports 100+ languages
Offers 100+ voice styles
Text to audio conversion
Downloadable mp3, wav files
Character limit of 20000/week
Option to adjust speed, volume
Option for paragraph pauses
Provides online tutorials
Email support available
Quick language switching
Temporary audio file storage
Audio file copyright retained
Option for longer pause times
Offers unlimited use voices
Provides male, female voices
Detailed conversion statistics provided
Quota reset reminders
Supports multiple audio formats
Adjustable voice speed
Adjustable voice volume
Paragraph pause time customization
Free forever
Consistently updated tool
Supports commercial use of audio
Online playback of converted text
Online customer support messaging
Room for creative freedom


Limited character count
Audio files temporary
Variable voice quality
Unintuitive pause system
Unknown network latency
No offline mode
Limited free voices
Character limit varies
Unclear extended usage policy
No mobile application


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Why does TTSMaker use a pause option between paragraphs?
How can TTSMaker provide support?
Is there a tutorial section available in TTSMaker?
What is a 'hot' voice in TTSMaker?
Why does TTSMaker delete the audio file after 24 hours?
Do I have commercial rights to the audio files from TTSMaker?
Why is there a character limit on some voices in TTSMaker?
How to increase the conversion quota in TTSMaker?
How can I adjust the pause time of each paragraph in TTSMaker?
How to apply for more conversion quota in TTSMaker?
Is there any voice speed adjustment in TTSMaker?


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