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Created realistic audio content using synthetic voices.
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ElevenLabs Prime Voice AI is a powerful and versatile AI speech software that enables creators and publishers to generate lifelike, top-quality audio. The AI model is able to render human intonation and inflections with high fidelity, and is capable of adjusting delivery based on context.

It is suitable for storytelling, creating realistic audio for newsletters and blogs, and producing audio books with vibrant narration. It can also clone voices from audio samples and create entirely new synthetic voices from scratch.

Finally, coming late Q1 2023, ElevenLabs will introduce a workstation to help users direct and edit narration, while respecting intellectual property rights and taking measures to minimize the risk of misuse.

Eleven Labs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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User Profile PictureCam
· Nov 21, 2023
Probably one of the best with the most diverse voice catalogues at the moment, especialy for the price. Each voice in the library has its own attributes which are then applied to the text being generated. The fine tuning allows a bit more refinement than some others as well. I have left ooff 1 star as the voice design is still a little narrow and doesn't have the same level of personality creation that I would like, but, it has an incredible amount of potential.
User Profile PictureRam Patel001
· Oct 30, 2023
तो दोस्तों देख सकते हो एक तेंदुआ हिरण को अपने जबड़े में पकड़ कर किस तरीके से पेड़ के उपर इसको लेकर जा रहा है पर आगे देखने से पहले एक जिंदगी गुजर जाती है एक बाप की मेहनत करते-करते उसी मेहनत की वजह से आपकी पूरी जिंदगी बदल जाती है तो एक like एक subscribe अपने पाप के लिए और A वाला इमोजी जरूर से सेंड करना
User Profile PictureFOX278
· Oct 27, 2023
o modelo ficou carinhosamente conhecido como Bob Esponja dentre as características do modelo a cor amarela da primeira geração deu o que falar afinal era uma cor muito próxima ao personagem do desenho animado Bob Esponja além disso o caminhão tinha um formato mais quadrado assim como o personagem seja como for tamanha popularidade levou o 24.250 a liderança do seu segmento durante vários anos no Brasil e o resto você já sabe
User Profile PictureJada
· Sep 4, 2023
I love this website. Free trial was rewarding enough for me, as I struggle with dyslexia which makes It harder to read and enjoy long form content I see online, it's really nice to have a voice that not only a non robotic siri voice but ALSO a voice of anyone I choose. My favorite so far is that of Kevan Brighting, the narrator on The Stanley Parable lol. so for me I think its definitely worth the five bucks or so a month. but I can see how people might not use it often enough to justify the transaction
User Profile PictureGrzegorz Rolnik
· Aug 3, 2023
too expensive for me, I just want to make memes, not pay that much
User Profile PictureBetty Rodriquez
· Jul 6, 2023
Sammy and co: turtle reef: Ricky's twerking
User Profile PictureMichael Jukiewicz
· Jul 4, 2023
For my purposes its way too expensive . when they get realistic about pricing I may reconsider.
User Profile PictureInesnicole Hare
· May 9, 2023
Hi I'm rose from blackpink and my favourite editor is nicnic

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Pros and Cons


Realistic audio content
High fidelity rendering
Adjusts delivery based on context
Storytelling capability
Able to clone voices
Generate synthetic voices
Workstation for directing narration
Respects intellectual property rights
Measures to minimize misuse
Versatile use across industries
Can tackle long-form content
Conscious of sentence context
Single sentence to whole book
Professional audio, fast
Cost-effective compared to recording
Voice cloning with minimal sample
Generative model for novel voices
Full control over creative process
Can insert pauses, assign speakers


No real-time processing
No integration with other applications
Narration workstation release late
No simultaneous multi-voice conversation support
Watermarks on generated audio
Requires internet connectivity
Limited range of voices
No support for other languages
Potential IP concerns with voice cloning


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