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Generate AI voices free for any text in seconds.
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AI Voice Generator Free is a website-based tool that enables users to convert text into synthesized human-like speech, which can be downloaded in MP3 format.

It features an array of over 409 voices that are capable of reading out texts in over 129 different languages and dialects, making it an extensive platform for creating AI voices.

It offers the flexibility of usage without the need for login or sign-up, enhancing the user experience. It supports both standard and artificial intelligence voices (known as neural voices) with the latter providing more fluent speech.

The tool also covers 65 languages with more than 400 different voice styles, continually expanding its offerings to meet a wide variety of user needs.

In terms of payments, it provides a flexible pricing model that includes pay-as-you-go, package, and subscription options, with payments accepted via PayPal or credit card.

Beyond converting text to speech, this tool also provides features that can enhance the speech production process such as the full set of SSML features.

This makes it a versatile tool that can be used across different applications requiring voiceover or voice command capabilities.

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Pros and Cons


Over 409 voices
129 languages support
No login required
MP3 download feature
Subscriptions or pay-as-you-go
PayPal, Credit Card payments
Comprehensive SSML features
400+ different voice styles
Neural voices for fluent speech
65 languages with custom styles
Flexible pricing models
Adding pitch, volume, speed effects
129 distinct dialects
Over 600 voices in future
Cross-platform compatibility
Desktop and mobile support
Custom pronunciation
Voice and tone adjustment
TTS for audiobooks and podcasts
Broad language and voice selection
Download and share facility
Multi-Format: MP3, WAV, OGG
Support for different text formats
Continuously expanding coverage
Pitch and speed adjustment
70 languages and language variations
Sync between devices
Audio format flexibility
Lifelike speech production
Turn text into podcasts
High-quality audio files
Increase content reach
Different sample rates
SSML language support
Instructions for pronunciation
Text conversion to lifelike speech
Voices for videos and podcasts
Multi-device content sync
Custom date and time format


No offline availability
Limited audio format output
Website-based only
No mobile app
Limited free usage
Complicated pricing model
Only Paypal and card payments
No enterprise payment options
Does not support all languages
Potentially tricky SSML usage


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What are the pricing models for AI Voice Generator Free?
What is the full set of SSML features in AI Voice Generator Free?
How can AI Voice Generator Free be used for voice command capabilities?
Is there a need to sign up or log in to use AI Voice Generator Free?
What format is the generated speech downloaded in?
How does AI Voice Generator Free enhance the user experience?
What makes the neural voices more fluent in AI Voice Generator Free?
What is the range of voice styles AI Voice Generator Free offers?
How often are new voices and languages added to AI Voice Generator Free?
Can I use AI Voice Generator Free for voiceover needs?
What are the various applications for AI Voice Generator Free?
What can be done using the SSML features in AI Voice Generator Free?
Can AI Voice Generator Free be used to convert text to podcasts?
In what format can I download the synthesized speech?
What extra features does AI Voice Generator Free offer beyond text to speech conversion?

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