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Generates voiceovers and narrations.
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Narration Box is a tool that provides users with the ability to create voiceovers and narrations, audiobooks, audio widgets, audio pages, and podcasts with AI-generated voices in over 20 languages and accents.

It is designed to make content creation easier and faster by offering a wide range of features and tools. With Narration Box, users can quickly create voiceovers and narrations for explainer videos, tutorials, documentaries, and even movie narrations.

It also provides users with the ability to create audiobooks from ebooks, host audio pages and blogs, and access a collection of more than 300 human-like AI narrators.

Additionally, Narration Box provides users with the ability to monetize and grow their podcast on major platforms, measure and track analytics, and create audio widgets for their blogs and news sites.

With Narration Box, creators, companies, and organizations have endless possibilities to create high-quality content in multiple languages and reach their global audience.

Narration Box was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Over 20 languages
Audiobooks from ebooks
Host audio pages
Audio widgets
Podcasting capabilities
Monetization tools
Analytics tracking
Global content reach
Versatile use cases
Easy navigable interface
One click upload to platforms
Text to speech widgets
Language-based content localization
API access upcoming
In-app audio experience
Podcast growth tools
One-stop content creation
Podcast monetization
Automated text to speech
Real-time analytics upcoming
Audio content strategy assistance


Podcasting feature not available
Widgets still in development
API pending implementation
Analytics feature coming soon
Monetisation Tools not ready
Limited languages and accents
No real-time customer support
Potential Quality Lapses in voices
Limited access to voices
subscription model unclear


What is Narration Box?
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What content can I create with Narration Box?
Which languages and accents does Narration Box support?
What is the AI-generated voice range available in Narration Box?
Can I create voiceovers for my videos using Narration Box?
What are the audio widgets feature in Narration Box?
How can I use Narration Box to create podcasts?
Can Narration Box be used for audiobook creation?
Can I use Narration Box to host audio pages and blogs?
What tracking and analytics does Narration Box offer?
How can I monetize my content through Narration Box?
What is the virtual voice bank in Narration Box?
Does Narration Box have API support?
How can Narration Box help me grow my global audience?
Can I use Narration Box for free?
What is the process of creating voiceovers and narrations with Narration Box?
How can Narration Box help me with content localization?
What is the upcoming Podcasting feature in Narration Box about?
Does Narration Box offer resources and support for users?


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