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Listen to articles, PDFs, emails, etc. in your podcast player or browser.
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Audioread is an AI-based tool that provides ultra-realistic voices for listening to web articles, PDFs, emails, and various other types of content. The tool can be used in a podcast app or browser, allowing users to seamlessly convert text into audio while performing their daily activities, such as exercising, cooking, commuting, or running errands.

Users can also forward emails, drag/drop PDFs, copy/paste text, or highlight it. Audioread offers several listening options, including the ability to create and subscribe to a personal podcast, with compatibility for leading podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Overcast.

Alternatively, users can listen to the converted audio directly in the browser. The tool provides a free trial, and the paid version offers unlimited word conversions per day, up to 18 languages, and can convert 100,000 words per conversion for a monthly subscription of $15.

Audioread has earned positive youtube users such as Thomas Frank, and has been recommended in articles like The Age of AI Has Begun on gatesnotes.com.

Users concerned about the amount of time it takes to read long articles, PDFs, and emails will appreciate Audioread for allowing them to listen to content while they perform other activities.

Audioread.com was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 23rd 2023.
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Community ratings

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Jun 14, 2024
β€œNo Pricing” is false. It’s presently $9.99 and it asks for your credit card up front which feels sketchy.
Sep 14, 2023
Rated it
I didn't get to the voices. I don't give my credit card information up front. I clicked away as soon as I saw that. It's a shame too, the pricing structure looked great.
Mar 1, 2024
understandble, but i think they made free sampling available with English only. seems to be having problems with PDFs, but online articles and yt videos work just fine

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Pros and Cons


Ultra-realistic voice conversion
Works in browser
Supports emails
Supports PDF files
Text drag and drop
Copy/Paste text option
Text highlighting capability
Personal podcast creation
Compatibility with popular podcast apps
Listen in browser option
Free trial offer
Unlimited word conversions
Supports 18 languages
100,000 words per conversion
Positive user reviews
Featured in renowned portals
Enhance productivity
Multitasking: listen while busy
Subscription only $15/month
500,000 words per day
Web app available
Browser Extension
iOS Shortcut available
Android app
Supports forwarding emails
Supports dragging & dropping PDFs


Requires JavaScript
Not free after trial
Limited to 18 languages
100,000 words per conversion
Not open source
Limited podcast app compatibility
No offline functionality
Requires subscription for unlimited use
Certain features require manual input (e.g., copy/paste)


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