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Create realistic voices for any text in seconds
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AiSofiya is a multifaceted Artificial Intelligence tool with functionalities including Facebook Ads creation, natural text generation, and text to speech conversions.

It features an expansive voice bank with over 840 voices in 135 languages and dialects, providing an immense depth of customization for your audio content.

The text to speech feature offers highly accurate conversion of text into realistic voices, making the content more accessible and engaging for the user.

Moreover, AiSofiya has a text generation feature that supports content creation in an efficient manner by generating natural language text. The Facebook Ads creator functionality streamlines advertising efforts by employing AI to create the ads.

AiSofiya is also powered by advanced SSML features, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications, from digital marketing to cloud-based services.

Registration is required to access all features, however, live demo is available on the website for users to experiment with the voice technology before signing up.


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Pros and Cons


840+ realistic voices
135+ languages supported
Natural text generation
Efficient Facebook Ads creation
Advanced SSML features
Web and mobile access
Extensive voice bank
Text-to-speech conversion
SSML feature for customization
Audio content customization
Supports digital marketing
Cloud-based services
Accessible live demo
Highly accurate conversions
Streamlines advertising efforts
Expansive language selection
Website and mobile app
Integration with top cloud providers
Various audio formats support
Built-in sound studio
Quick text to audio conversion
Multiple application use
Chatbot capabilities
Text generation for NLP tasks
Improved accessibility features
Language synthesis updates
Customer service automation
Supports voice-enabled products
Maximum flexibility for needs
Merge and enhance audio results
Audio result enhancement tools


Registration required
Might lack API
No desktop app
No offline usage
Depends on cloud providers
Reliant on registration
No automatic voice differentiation
No free option


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