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Say things with OpenAI text to speech.
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Sample prompts:
Give me a short meditation speaking as Shimmer.
Teach me something new using the voice of Fable.
Give me an inspirational quote from Onyx.
Search the web and tell me current news as Alloy.
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The AI Voice Generator is a GPT created by OpenAI and is built on top of ChatGPT. This tool is designed to convert text into aural or spoken language by synthesizing structures, tones, and intricacies that mimic the human voice.

This GPT is uniquely positioned to make interactions with AI more accessible and user-friendly by adding an audible dimension to the experience. Potential uses for the AI Voice Generator could include creating voiceovers, audiobooks, autonomous assistance, and more.

The tool requires users to sign up for ChatGPT Plus, suggesting it might extend premium features or provide a more robust version of ChatGPT. Initial prompts for the AI Voice Generator indicate that it provides user flexibility in selecting unique voices such as 'Shimmer', 'Fable', 'Onyx', and 'Alloy' - potentially a range of choices for users depending on the context or the tone desired.

Furthermore, its use cases appear quite diverse from creating a short meditation routine to teaching new things or reciting inspirational quotes and even providing current news updates in a synthesized voice.

In this way, the tool opens up opportunities for more personal and relatable human-computer interactions in a variety of scenarios.

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