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Platform for custom audio creation with text-to-speech.
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BeyondWords is a text-to-speech publishing platform that enables you and your team to convert text into engaging audio. With a library of AI voices and voice-cloning technology, you’re able to create custom audio to truly resonate with your target audience.

BeyondWords offers an all-in-one audio CMS to automate, manage and maximize your audio strategy. You can auto-convert content using the API, RSS Feed Importer, WordPress plugin or Ghost plugin, or use the text-to-speech editor to create audio manually.

Once produced, audio can be distributed with automatic player embeds, API or SDKs, or published as a podcast. You can also monetize audio with audio ads from sponsors or make it available to subscribers only.

The platform also provides analytics to measure audio engagement and can be connected to your Google Analytics account. BeyondWords is the perfect tool to expand reach, boost engagement and drive revenue with spoken-word audio.

BeyondWords was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Voice-cloning technology
Automated audio content management
Text-to-speech editor
Auto-convert content
RSS Feed Importer
WordPress plugin
Ghost plugin
Custom audio creation
Automatic player embeds
Publish as a podcast
Audio monetization options
Audio engagement analytics
Google Analytics connectivity
Increase audience reach
Boost audience engagement
Drive revenue capacity
Voice cloning
Natural language processing algorithms
Handles local names
Enhanced voice accuracy
Granular analytics
Ads from sponsors option
Restrict audio to subscribers only
Supports publishing goals
Public-friendly CMS
Expands access point for journalism
Brand-consistent synthetic voices
Audio subscription product option


Limited voice library
Lacks real-time text-to-speech feature
Complicated text-to-speech editor
No customized player options
Audio Ad dependency
Insufficient language locales
Limited distribution channels
Subscription-based access
Limited analytics integration
Lacks multilingual support


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