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Text-to-audio generation.
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ClearCypherAI is a US-based AI startup that specializes in generative audio solutions and datasets. They offer cutting-edge technology for various audio-related tasks, such as converting text to audio (T2A), audio to text (A2T), and audio to audio (A2A).

Their capabilities also include voice synthesis, script-to-speech, and fine-tuned GPT models built on LLaMA2 trained in multiple languages.ClearCypherAI's unique offerings include voiceprint and synthesizer functionalities, allowing users to target specific voices or detect anomalies.

They also excel in threat assessment, building AI platforms for this purpose. Additionally, they offer in-house research and development services for advancing AI technologies.The company provides a range of datasets, including natural language data and audio sets, which can be utilized for training and testing AI models.

They can deploy their AI solutions in air-gapped environments, ensuring secure and reliable access.ClearCypherAI offers comprehensive services, such as building custom AI platforms, creating custom datasets, providing full customer support, testing, API hosting and services, and feature customization.

Their all-in-one platform engine enables the development of various applications, including web and mobile apps, using big data efficiently.Their expertise is further demonstrated through their research efforts, such as advancing text recognition models and benchmarking OCR tools.

Clients can easily reach out to their team for inquiries or schedule a Zoom call for assistance.ClearCypherAI is dedicated to privacy protection and holds copyright for their products and solutions.

Clearcypher was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 8th 2023.
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