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Generates lifelike audio for enhanced voice experiences.
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Realistic Text to Speech is an AI tool offered by VidLab Store that allows users to transform written content into lifelike audio with high accuracy and naturalness.

It aims to enhance the voice experience for customer service by dynamically generating speech instead of playing static, pre-recorded audio.The tool provides access to over 90 WaveNet voices, which are generated through DeepMind's groundbreaking research.

These voices closely bridge the gap between human performance and synthesized speech. Additionally, users can leverage prebuilt Neural2 voices to create an internationalized voice experience.Realistic Text to Speech offers the option to train a custom voice model using audio recordings, enabling organizations to create a unique and more natural sounding voice.

This customization allows for greater personalization and the ability to quickly adapt to changing voice needs without the requirement of recording new phrases.Users can also personalize the pitch of selected voices, adjusting it up to 20 semitones higher or lower than the default.

The speaking rate can be adjusted to be four times faster or slower than the normal rate.To use Realistic Text to Speech, users simply enter the desired text, and the system will process the request and provide a real-time audio URL that can be played or downloaded.Access to the Realistic Text to Speech tool's API is available, allowing for integration with other platforms, such as Zapier.For more information on terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimers, users can refer to the provided links on the VidLab Store website.

This AI tool is no longer available.
Realistic Text to Speech was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 27th 2023.
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