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Woord is an AI-based Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool that allows users to convert their written content into audio in natural-sounding voices. It offers a range of 38 different voices from 21 different languages and regional variations.

Users can select different genders, accents, and languages to create personalized audio content. The tool offers a web version with a login feature, an online reader, and a Chrome extension for convenience.

Woord offers unlimited audio conversion with MP3 downloads and audio hosting with HTML embed audio player, allowing users to use the audio files in YouTube videos, e-Learning modules, or any commercial purposes.

The tool uses AI technology to create high-quality, human-like speech with natural intonation and rhythm. It also enables the ability to read any website aloud with its Text-to-Speech API by just providing the URL.

Woord's pricing plans offer users the freedom of choice with no long-term commitments, starting from $9.99 per month and going up to $99.99 per month.

All plans provide access to premium voices, high-quality audio, audio joining feature, and features such as OCR, SSML editor, and API access. Woord's Pro plan enables multi-user access with unlimited audio conversion.

Overall, Woord offers a simple and customizable solution for users to convert their written content into audio with a natural human-like voice and no technical skills required, making it an ideal tool for anyone who wants to expand their content reach and accessibility.

Woord was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


38 voices from 21 languages
Includes regional language variations
Choice of different genders
Pricing plans from $9.99/month
No long-term commitments
Offers multi-user access
Unlimited audio conversion
Access to premium voices
High-quality audio
Audio joining feature
OCR feature
SSML editor
API access
Free MP3 download
Audio hosting with HTML embed
Web version
Login feature
Online reader
Chrome extension
Use audio for commercial purposes
100% intellectual property ownership
Private audio library
Natural-sounding speech
Natural intonation and rhythm
Reads any website aloud
Ability to select accents
Personalized audio content
Includes PDF, txt, doc(x) support
Supports jpeg, png, other formats
API for website reading
Smart voice technology
Supports non-DRM epub
Supports scanned PDFs and images
Supports OCR for images
Lifetime refund policy
Customer service available
Simple and customizable solution
Text-to-Speech API
Flexibility of voice selection
Allows audio redistribution
Audio files useable in YouTube
Direct MP3 Download
For commercial use
Can read from images/scanned documents


Only 38 voice options
10,000 characters limit per audio
Lacks instant refund policy
No discounts available
Requires upgradation for multi-user access
Pricing could be high for some
Limitations on plan downgrades
No annual payment for Basic Plan
Refund request time limit
Limited languages for accents


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Does Woord have a Chrome extension and how does it work?
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Can I use Woord to create YouTube videos or podcasts?


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