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Build voice & chat bots with rap skills.
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Uberduck is a voice automation and text-to-speech platform offering a range of services and tools for developers to create interactive voice and chat bots.

It offers 5,000+ expressive voices to create AI voiceovers and APIs to help build audio apps in minutes. With its Custom Voice Clones, users can create their own custom voice clone using a few minutes of audio.

Furthermore, the platform also offers AI-Generated Raps, which is a unique service to generate rap music with lyric videos customized to each individual user.

Uberduck also offers API Documentation, a blog, and a Discord community for users to join. Finally, the platform is also working on Uberbots, an upcoming platform for interactive voice and chat bots, for which users can join the waitlist to be among the first to hear about its beta release.

Uberduck was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 26th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


5,000+ expressive voices
APIs for audio apps
Creates custom voice clones
Detailed API Documentation
Supportive Discord community
Upcoming Uberbots platform
Customizable lyric videos
Short turn-around time
Used for personalized media
Option to join waitlist
Blog for further reading
Can Add TTS to Discord
Interactive voice and chat bots
Platform for content creators


Limited voice customization
No multi-language support mention
Not targeting business-user-friendly features
No offline capabilities
No data privacy policy clarity
Upcoming features not yet released
Custom voices require user audio
Rap generation may be niche
May have high learning curve
Limited API tooling mentioned


What is Uberduck?
How does Uberduck's Text-to-speech technology work?
What are the voice & chat bot capabilities offered by Uberduck?
How many expressive voices does Uberduck provide for AI voiceovers?
How can I create a custom voice clone in Uberduck?
What exactly is the AI-Generated Raps service in Uberduck?
Does Uberduck provide APIs for building audio applications?
How do I join the Uberduck Discord community?
What are Uberbots and when can I expect the beta release?
Is Uberduck's services free or paid? If paid, where can I see the pricing details?
As a developer, where can I find Uberduck's API documentation?
Is there a way to add Uberduck's Text-To-Speech feature to my Discord?
What platforms is Uberduck available on?
Is there any case study or success story using Uberduck?
In context of the Custom Voice Clones feature, how does Uberduck handle my speech data?
Are there any expected upcoming features or services on Uberduck?
Why should I join the Uberduck's discord community?
How is Uberduck aiding to the AI research and ML community?
What is the Open Source Voice AI Community in Uberduck?
What kind of customer support does Uberduck offer?


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