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Create voice recordings for Youtube Videos, Facebook Ads, Instagram Posts or Create Audio versions of content in just a few steps!
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Speech Now is a Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool designed to convert written text into lifelike AI speech, enhancing end-user engagement or assisting in the development of various services.

It is utilized in creating voiceovers for Youtube videos, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, or making audio versions of any content. To use this tool, users add the desired text on the platform, choose a specific language and voice from a large collection, and create a file.

Once satisfied with the reading quality, the tool conveniently allows users to export their files in MP3, WAV, OGG, or WEBM formats. Speech Now also facilitates the creation of different types of videos including sales, training, and educational videos.

It offers an extensive variety of voices, optimizing the efficiency of the videos. Moreover, the AI voices from Speech Now do not have any copyright restrictions, thereby enabling users to use them freely.

It is also important to note that Speech Now is compatible with any video creation software as it exports audio files in diverse formats. Lastly, it provides opportunities to use the technology in bringing static content, such as ebooks and PDFs, to life.


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Speech Now was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 7th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Exports in multiple formats
Large variety of voices
Creates audio versions of content
No copyright restrictions
Compatible with any video software
Brings ebooks, PDFs to life
Efficient video optimization
Can create specific video types
Enables user language selection
Multi-platform content creation
800+ language and voice options
Free account with limited features
Supports training, sales, educational videos
Creates trust-worthy voices for sales videos
Female voices for training videos
Various voices for educational videos
Free of copyright for all voices
Supports unlimited audio file creation


No mobile app
Lacks real-time transcription
No integration with external applications
Lacks voice customization features
No multi-user support
No free tier price
Limited format export options
No offline mode
Limited voice and language options
No transcription features


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What types of videos can I create using Speech Now?
Is Speech Now compatible with any video creation software?
Does Speech Now only cater to English voices or are there other languages available?
What is the quality of Speech Now's AI speech like?
How easy is it to use Speech Now for converting text to speech?
Can Speech Now be used to create audio versions of content?
Can Speech Now be used for training and educational videos?
How many languages and voices does Speech Now support?
What are the benefits of using Speech Now compared to other TTS tools?
Does Speech Now require any special software to run or is it browser based?
What is the pricing of Speech Now's premium plan?
Can I try Speech Now for free?
What are the export formats available in Speech Now?


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