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Article2audio is an innovative text-to-speech tool primarily designed for converting web content, such as blogs and articles, into audio. The tool enhances English texts prior to audio conversion, resulting in a more natural and easier listening experience.

It is particularly proficient with interpreting complex texts, even programming codes, without overwhelming users with details. Furthermore, it offers unique features such as nuanced voice-overs, synthesizing the essence of tables instead of line-by-line reading, and providing descriptive hints for images, making them no longer silent spots in audio conversion.

The application supports English language, with both a male and female American English voice options available. Users can listen to the converted audio through their favorite podcast apps or by downloading the produced mp3 files.

While the tool works best with articles and blog posts, it also allows for the conversion of any webpage by inputting its URL. The audio files created can be used online or offline, and are permissible for commercial use without ongoing royalties or usage rights beyond the regular account cost.

However, sharing or distribution of the audio files requires the source material author's consent.


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Article2audio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Converts complex texts
Interprets programming codes
Nuanced voice-overs
Synthesizes tables
Provides image descriptions
Compatible with podcast apps
Supports English language
Male and female voices
Allows webpage conversion
Produces downloadable mp3 files
Online or offline usage
Permissible for commercial use
No ongoing royalties
Requires author's consent for sharing
Ideal for articles, blogs
Descriptive summary of tables
Not just line-by-line reading


Only supports English
Limited voice options
Sharing requires author consent
Beta version (work in progress)
Limited web page conversion
May overwhelm with complex text
Limited table interpretation
No gratis usage rights
Limited podcast app compatibility
Pricing per audio minute


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Does Article2audio work best with articles and blog posts?
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