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Faraway is an AI-based application designed to transform the way users create movies. With this ground-breaking tool, users can construct their own AI movies, controlling the generation, composition, and style of images to bring their envisioned scenes to life.

Apart from the immersive visual narratives, the app provides an array of rich and versatile AI voices, adept at text to speech and speech to speech conversions, further enhancing storytelling and engagement.

The app also includes voice-over captions, making it more accessible to a wider audience. Furthermore, Faraway allows users to create consistent characters for their stories swiftly, with just a single image.

The user-friendly and powerful timeline interface further simplifies the movie-making process, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and experienced users.

Note, Faraway maintains data privacy and includes its data management practices within the app, adhering to standard policies. Available in the Apple App Store, it's designed for iPhone but compatible with other Apple devices like iPad and iPod touch as well.


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Pros and Cons


Controls image generation
Controls image composition
Controls image style
Text to speech conversion
Speech to speech conversion
Voice-over captions included
Create characters with single image
User-friendly interface
Powerful timeline interface
Maintains data privacy
Suitable for beginners
Suitable for experienced users
Apple App Store Availability
iOS Compatible
Character and style control
Creates immersive visual narratives
Enhances storytelling
Enhances engagement
Simplifies movie-making process
Fast character creation
Data privacy principles
Designed for iPhone
Compatible with other Apple devices
High image quality
Wide range of voices
Supports different languages
Appropriate for age 9+
In-app purchases available
Allows for creative control
Text to Speech
Speech to Speech
Assists in narration
Notable user reviews
Versatile use-cases
Creates consistent characters
Swift application process
App developer contact details provided
Meets EU business regulations
Content policy adherence
Operates on visionOS
Maintains user anonymity
Allows content sharing
Detailed policy for data use
Multiple payment plan options
Easy-to-follow user guide


Only for Apple devices
Data linked to identity
In-app purchases required
Requires iOS 17.0 or later
Large file size (28.3 MB)
Language support limited to English
Potential mature themes
Limited to single user data
Data use not clarified
No Android compatibility


What is the Faraway app?
How does Faraway use AI in movie making?
What type of control does Faraway offer over image generation?
How does Faraway's character creation feature work?
What is Faraway's approach to data privacy?
Does Faraway offer text to speech conversion?
Does Faraway offer speech to speech conversion?
What devices is Faraway compatible with?
How user-friendly is Faraway for movie making?
Is Faraway available for download outside of the Apple App Store?
How does Faraway enhance storytelling and engagement?
What types of voices does Faraway provide for storytelling?
What is the purpose of Faraway's voice-over captions feature?
Does Faraway have an interface for managing movie timelines?
How does faraway make movie-making more accessible to beginners?
Can you tell me more about Faraway’s data management practices?
How does Faraway ensure the consistency of characters created using the app?
What languages does the Faraway app support?
Does Faraway have any in-app purchases?
What is the requirement for an image to be used in character creation in Faraway?

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