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Create high-quality videos with AI, 20x faster and cost-efficient.
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EasyVid is a tool designed to simplify the video creation process leveraging artificial intelligence. Seen as a cost-friendly solution, it gets used by users requiring no professional editing skills to create high-quality videos quickly.

Its name stands for its key feature, providing easy video making. EasyVid facilitates content creators, businesses and social media users to make professional-grade video ads, explainer videos and enhancing blogs or articles.

By transforming text into engaging video content, it serves to boost user interaction, improve SEO rankings, and grants an immersive experience for the audience.EasyVid brings transformation to areas like blog content, journal articles and websites.

Converting written content to dynamic video content amplifies the way readers interact. Moreover, it automates the creation of impactful content for social platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, ensuring an ideal process for growing audience engagement or automating social media posts.The tool is equipped with a feature that supports automatic translation and video creation in different languages, increasing its accessibility to a global user base.

Also, it allows its user to use their own images, or if not provided, the tool can generate appropriate background images using AI. All videos made with EasyVid can be used for various commercial purposes, such as ads, explainer videos, and social media content.


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EasyVid was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


High-quality video creation
Fast video production
Cost-effective solution
No professional editing needed
Creates professional-grade video ads
Produces explainer videos
Enhances blogs or articles
Improves SEO rankings
Boosts user interaction
Transforms text to video
Supports social media content
Automates social media posts
Supports multiple languages
Uses user provided images
Suitable for commercial purposes
Increases audience engagement
Ideal for content creators
Caters to global users
Fast ad creation
Avoids costly editors
Alternative to voice actors
Repurposes written content
Suitable for bloggers
Aids journalists
Ideal for website owners
Supports 28 languages
Enables script editing
User-friendly interface
Quick turnaround time
Allows auto-translation
Supports custom image uploads


Lack of advanced editing features
Limited language support (28)
Dependent on quality of input text
Inability to adjust generated images
No mention of video resolution
No audio editing options
Unknown video file format
No stated maximum video length
No versioning control for edits


What is EasyVid?
How does EasyVid work?
Does EasyVid require any video editing skills?
Can EasyVid convert written text into videos?
What type of videos can be created using EasyVid?
Is there any specific requirement for using EasyVid?
Can I use EasyVid for commercial purposes?
Can EasyVid generate background images?
Can EasyVid translate and create videos in different languages?
Does EasyVid boost SEO rankings?
How can EasyVid enhance blogs or articles?
Can EasyVid be used to automate social media posts?
What makes EasyVid a cost-efficient video creation solution?
On which social platforms can I share Easyvid's content?
How does EasyVid impact user interaction?
Can I use my own images with EasyVid?
How quickly can EasyVid create high-quality videos?
Can EasyVid content be used for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram?
How does EasyVid facilitate content creators and businesses?
Does EasyVid offer automation features for creating impactful content?

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