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Video generator with custom music and style options.
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Plazmapunk is an AI tool that enables users to generate their own AI video by providing a range of customization options. With Plazmapunk, users can choose their own music, select a music section, and determine the video style.

Additionally, users can adjust the video style to fit their individual needs. Plazmapunk also allows users to upload their own music by clicking on the MP3 upload button or record their own music by clicking on the microphone button.

However, to record their music, users must create a recording that lasts a minimum of 5 seconds. Plazmapunk is still in alpha mode and users may experience bugs during usage.

If users encounter any issues, they can report them by clicking on the appropriate button on the app.

Plazmapunk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 17th 2023.
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Sep 23, 2023
This is a pretty good little video maker. The free version is limited as one would expect but even that offers some good output. Can recommend.
Sep 11, 2023
i love this program

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Pros and Cons


Custom music selection
Music section choice
Variable video styles
Adjustable video aesthetics
MP3 upload capability
In-app music recording
Five seconds minimum recording
In-app bug reporting
Alpha stage innovation
Individual user customization


Still in alpha mode
May experience bugs
Minimum 5 sec music recording
Limited style choices
No video clipping option
Requires manual error reporting
No multi-language support
No community forum
Limited music upload formats
No SDK for developers


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What formats does Plazmapunk support for music upload?
How to record my own music in Plazmapunk?
What are the requirements for recording music in Plazmapunk?
What is the minimum recording length Plazmapunk requires?
Why is Plazmapunk still in alpha mode?
Where can I report bugs encountered during Plazmapunk usage?
How often is Plazmapunk updated?
What styles are available for video generation in Plazmapunk?
Can I use Plazmapunk on multiple devices?
What is the processing time for generating a video using Plazmapunk?
Can I pre-set music preferences in Plazmapunk?
Can you generate videos without music on Plazmapunk?
What types of video content does Plazmapunk specialize in generating?
Are there any limitations or restrictions when using Plazmapunk?


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