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Hour One is an AI video maker that enables users to quickly and easily create engaging videos for use in training and development. Using natural language processing, Hour One turns text into videos that make learning more enjoyable and effective.

The platform supports a variety of use cases, from creating corporate training videos to creating character-driven tutorials and AI-generated videos. The platform also offers integrations with other services and tools, allowing users to create videos with greater flexibility and reach.

Hour One also provides a range of managed services to ensure users have the support they need to make the most of their video creation. With Hour One, users can create professional-looking videos quickly and easily, making learning and development more engaging and effective.

Hour One was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 27th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Quick video creation
Turns text into video
Supports variety of use cases
Integrations with other services
Managed services support
Engaging learning that's effective
Language processing
Customizable characters and environments
VO options
Video templates available
Over 60 languages supported
Multilingual content creation
Virtual Human Presenters
Various voice combinations
Professional video look
Character-driven tutorials
Automated news studio creation
Supports e-learning content conversion
Automatic scaling of video production
Conversion of text documents to videos
Ease of content translation
Rapid content production


Limited templates for videos
No mention of browser compatibility
No free trial duration specified
No offline version
Potential language transcription errors
Restricted use case adaptability
Limited character selection
Pricing not clearly disclosed
Lack of customization for Characters
Inadequate integration options


What is Hour One?
How does Hour One work?
What is the purpose of Hour One?
What features does Hour One offer?
Can I integrate Hour One with other tools and services?
What managed services does Hour One provide?
How long does it take to create a video with Hour One?
Does Hour One offer any customization options?
Can Hour One turn any text into a video?
Does Hour One support multiple languages?
In which use cases can I utilize Hour One?
Does Hour One have a character library? Can I create my own characters?
What type of content can I create with Hour One?
Can I use Hour One for corporate training videos?
Does Hour One have a mobile application?
What are the privacy settings in Hour One?
Does Hour One offer a free trial?
Can Hour One generate character-driven tutorials?
How do I get the support when I need help with Hour One?
Is there any option for multi-user collaboration in Hour One?

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