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Multilingual videos with lip-sync & live dubbing.
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Yepic Studio is an AI video creation tool that enables users to create and translate talking head style videos in minutes without the need for expensive cameras, actors or studios.

The VidVoice feature provides flawless lip-sync translations into 8 languages, with real-time live dubbing in 5 languages. The Yepic API allows for scaleable, real-time video creation, making video workflow automation more efficient.

Yepic Studio can personalize videos with dynamic content in 68 languages using its selection of avatars, with a talking photo feature that turns images into avatars.

VidVoice allows for dynamic dubbing of video content in real-time, allowing users to effortlessly navigate linguistic barriers. Use cases for Yepic and VidVoice include e-commerce, education, and real estate.

The video creation tool has been rated highly by customers on review platforms such as G2 and Trustpilot, with users praising its ease of use, variety of features, and efficacy in generating quality videos.

The Yepic research team partners with the CVSSP at the University of Surrey, a reputable institution in audio-visual machine perception research. Yepic is actively hiring individuals who are intentional, empathetic and curious, looking to join their team and change the face of communication.


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Yepic AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2022.

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Pros and Cons


Multilingual videos
Fast video creation
No need for actors/studios
Flawless lip-sync
Real-time live dubbing
Scaleable video creation
Workflow automation
Dynamic content personalization
Talking photo feature
Suitable for e-commerce use
Suitable for education use
Suitable for real estate use
High user ratings
CVSSP partnership
API for scalable creation
68 languages supported
Dynamic dubbing feature
Developer-friendly documentation
User-friendly API
Selection of avatars
Royalty-free video creation
Supports multiple user languages
Offers Talking Photo feature
Allows real-time video editing
Offers lip-sync in translations
Regularly updated API
Highly rated on G2
Highly rated on Trustpilot
Supports commercial distribution
Improves video marketing flexibility
Real-time language translation
Application in telehealth
Application in global collaboration
High-quality avatar selection
Custom video presenter feature
Continual product improvement
Associated with reputable research
Partnered with an established institution
Generates videos with minimal editing
Allows personalizing marketing videos
Effortless language navigation
Supports live dubbing
Use case-oriented solutions
Supports creation of TTS videos
Great value for all features
Immediate video creation
Supports changing marketing copy
User-friendly UI/UX
Multiple voices available
Efficient engineering experience
Can build video creation into apps


Limited lip-sync translations
Real-time dubbing in 5 languages only
Dynamic dubbing can be limiting
Reliance on avatars for personalization
Limited use cases
No mention of data security
Complexity for non-technical users
Potential for machine learning bias
Dependent on partnerships for research
High potential for language errors


What is Yepic Studio?
What exactly does the VidVoice feature offer?
In which languages does VidVoice provide translations?
What do I need to use the Yepic API?
Can I personalize my videos, and if so, how?
What is the talking photo feature in Yepic?
How can I use Yepic for e-commerce purposes?
Is Yepic suitable for educational content?
What is the typical process of AI video creation with Yepic?
How do I use the Yepic Studio to create videos?
Where can I see reviews of Yepic?
What types of avatars can I use in Yepic Studio?
Is there support for live dubbing in VidVoice?
Can I use Yepic for videoconferencing?
How efficient is Yepic in generating quality videos?
What part does the University of Surrey play in the development of Yepic?
How does Yepic Studio handle multilingual videos?
Why is Yepic a good tool for real estate videos?
In which languages can Yepic personalize videos?
What features does Yepic's API offer for real-time video creation?

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