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Generated lifelike speech for multilingual content.
Generated by ChatGPT

Leelo is an AI-driven tool that converts written text into lifelike audio using advanced AI technology. It offers users over 800 voices in 142 languages and accents to choose from.

The tool is perfect for creating audio versions of presentations, marketing videos, and audio books. It also helps users organize and manage audio files with ease, share audio as podcasts, and export audio to other platforms.

The Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool provides users with cloud storage to safely store generated speech files. Additionally, Leelo offers a widget that users can embed on their website for easy access to audio versions of their content.

Users can simply write or paste their text in the Leelo editor, select the language, voice, and voice style, then generate and listen to the speech. Leelo's AI algorithms can generate multilingual voices that can be used with multiple languages where only the accent changes while the speech remains natural-sounding.

Leelo offers a free trial with 1000 free credit words to explore its features. Users can subscribe to access its features such as free commercial use of the generated speech files, multi-lingual voices, cloud storage, a dashboard to track activity and quota usage, and voices with different speaking styles.

Users have given positive feedback, citing the tool's ability to improve user engagement, create professional-sounding content in no time, and offer flexibility with its wide range of languages and voices.

The generated audio files can be shared on websites and as podcasts. Leelo is developed by Medios, and users can sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest tips via email.

Leelo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


800+ voices
142 languages
Audio content organization
Audio sharing as podcasts
Audio exporting options
Cloud storage for audio
Website embeddable widget
Multilingual voice support
Free 1000 word trial
Commercial use rights
Activity and quota monitor
Different speaking styles
User-friendly editor interface
High-quality audio output
Website integration
Positive user feedback
Promotes user engagement
Facilitates global reach
Special accent feature
Automated voice generation
No credit card required


Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited storing capacity
Partial voice style support
No offline availability
Lack of documentation
Limited multilingual voice adaptability
Dependency on third-party platforms
Non-transparent pricing strategy
Overwhelming language/voice selection
No ability to customize voices


What is Leelo?
How does Leelo work?
What is special about Leelo's text to speech technology?
In how many languages and accents can Leelo generate speech?
How many voice options does Leelo offer?
What types of content can I convert into audio using Leelo?
How can I manage my audio files in Leelo?
What is the Leelo widget and how can I use it on my website?
How do I generate speech with Leelo?
What is a multilingual voice in Leelo?
Does Leelo offer a free trial?
What are Leelo's subscription features?
Can I use the voices generated by Leelo for commercial use?
Does Leelo provide storage for the generated audio files?
What is the procedure to export audio from Leelo to another platform?
How can I track my usage on Leelo?
Can I use voices with different speaking styles on Leelo?
What does the user feedback about Leelo say?
How can Leelo's speech files be shared?
Who is the developer of Leelo?


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