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Transcribed audio analysis for content search.
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Speechmatics is the world’s leading expert in Speech Intelligence, combining the latest breakthroughs in AI and ML to unlock the business value in human speech.

An AI-based tool that accurately transcribes audio data into text, and finds value in its contents for businesses of all sizes.

Businesses use Speechmatics worldwide to accurately understand and transcribe human-level speech into text regardless of demographic, age, gender, accent, dialect, or location in real-time.

Combining these transcripts with the latest AI-driven speech capabilities, businesses build products that utilize summarization, topic detection, sentiment analysis, translation, and more.

Speechmatics processes over 300 years of transcription worldwide every month in 49+ languages and can translate 69 language pairs. Having pioneered ML in speech recognition, its neural networks consider acoustics, languages, dialects, multiple speakers, punctuation, capitalization, context, and implicit meanings.
Speechmatics was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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User Profile PictureTom Young
· Nov 22, 2023
Huge fan, love Speechmatics! By far the most accurate and inclusive speech technology on the market.

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Pros and Cons


Highly accurate transcription
Inclusive speech recognition
Content search in audio files
Improves user experience
Optimizes website functionality
GDPR compliant
Connection authentication
Visitor browsing-security
Preference personalization
Statistical website analysis
Marketing personalization
Cross-domain consent for cookies
Flexible API for integration
Uses machine learning
Supports multiple programming languages


Depends heavily on cookies
Necessary for GDPR-compliance
Used for advertising purposes
Extensive use of third-party providers
Marketing cookies for ad personalization
Data synchronization with third-party services
User tracking across websites
Requires visitor data exchange
Potential latency due to load balancing
Data shared across multiple domains


What is Speechmatics?
What is the main function of Speechmatics?
What types of cookies does Speechmatics use?
How do cookies improve the user experience in Speechmatics?
Why is Speechmatics termed as 'inclusive'?
How does Speechmatics ensure GDPR-compliance?
How accurate is the transcription service of Speechmatics?
How does Speechmatics handle security and authentication?
What languages are supported in Speechmatics?
Can Speechmatics be integrated with other applications?
What is the 'machine learning' component in Speechmatics?
How does Speechmatics optimize its response rate?
How does preference selection work in Speechmatics?
What does 'connection authentication' mean in Speechmatics?
How is user consent managed in Speechmatics?
What is the role of Google Analytics in Speechmatics?
Does Speechmatics offer any unique features?
What are the possible deployment options for Speechmatics?
What is the purpose of usage statistics in Speechmatics?
What is the significance of 'visitor browsing-security' in Speechmatics?


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