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Steno is an innovative tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to convert spoken words into text, thus facilitating expeditious typing. The application automatically transcribes voice into text without the need for activation.

To enhance accuracy, Steno employs ChatGPT technology which negates the need for monotonous re-writes. The tool is capable of managing fast speech patterns in real-time, ensuring no words get missed, thereby transforming verbal communication into a seamless writing experience.

It integrates smoothly with other applications, assuring uninterrupted operation across different platforms. Steno therefore effectively increases productivity by considerably reducing the time taken to type, enabling users to generate textual content far more rapidly than through traditional typing.

Additionally, it offers a typing-free method for sending messages by merely speaking. Steno has both a free and premium version. The free version allows 20 messages without watermarks but subsequent text will get a watermark.

The premium version offers text without watermarks. The software is available predominantly on Macbooks with Apple Silicon M-Chip with plans for future availability across all computing platforms.

Despite its advanced AI capabilities, Steno maintains high standards of user privacy and safety.

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Pros and Cons


Converts spoken word to text
Automatic transcription
Uses ChatGPT technology
Manages fast speech patterns
Real-time transcription
Smooth application integration
Increases productivity
Typing-free messaging
Free and premium versions
Text without watermarks in premium
Available for M-chip Macbooks
Plans for cross-platform availability
High user privacy standards
Seamless writing experience
No activation needed
Negates need for re-writes
Uninterrupted operation across platforms
Supports fast typing
Offers typing alternative
Save time with accuracy
Works simultaneously with other apps
Speak without worry of miss-words
20 free watermark messages
Premium removes watermarks
Facilitates expeditious typing
Transforms verbal to written
Effective productivity increase
No switching between screens
Privacy and safety standards
Innovative voice typing
Real-time fast typing
Steno works as you speak
No need to rewrite transcriptions
Premium version best value
30 day money back guarantee
Pro-rated refunds after 30 days


Limited to Macbooks initially
Free version includes watermarks
Not available on all platforms
Limited message count on free version
Potential privacy concerns
Subscription required for watermark-free text
Language support unclear
Uncertain release date for other platforms
Possible battery drain
Fast speech may impact accuracy


What is Steno?
How does Steno work?
What is ChatGPT technology that Steno uses?
Which platforms does Steno integrate with?
What makes Steno different from other speech-to-text AI tools?
What is the speed capability of Steno in transcribing speech to text?
How can Steno increase my productivity?
Does Steno offer a typing-free method for sending messages?
What's the difference between the free and premium versions of Steno?
What does the watermark in Steno free version mean?
Is Steno available for platforms other than Macbooks with Apple Silicon M-Chip?
What are Steno's plans for future availability across all computing platforms?
How does Steno ensure user privacy and safety?
Can I use Steno for transcribing fast speech patterns in real-time?
How do I handle any errors or inaccuracies that may occur with the transcription?
Does Steno work with other languages or is it only English-based?
Does Steno require any activation or does it transcribe voice into text automatically?
How can Steno help me generate textual content far more rapidly than traditional typing?
Can Steno work simultaneously with other applications?
Does the Steno premium version completely remove watermarks?


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