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Converts speech to text in real-time with high accuracy.
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Gladia is an AI Knowledge Infrastructure platform that provides plug-and-play APIs to enable users to get the most out of their data. The Speech-to-Text API Alpha is their latest offering, and it offers real-time processing and a Word Error Rate as low as 1%.

It is built on Open AI’s Whisper Models, and is capable of transcribing one hour of audio in just 10 seconds. The API is available for free, and supports 99 languages.

Gladia is led by Jean-Louis Queguiner, Founder & CEO, and Jonathan Soto, Co-Founder & CTO. Queguiner holds a Master’s Degree in Symbolic AI and has single-handedly built a chatbot to curate, classify and unify all AI applications in one store.

Soto holds a Master's Degree from MIT and is the author of multiple academic papers. Gladia provides tutorials and documentation for users, as well as a 1-to-1 onboarding call with their team.

They are committed to making their APIs accessible and more affordable than anything else on the market, without sacrificing quality.

Gladia was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time speech conversion
High accuracy
Low Word Error Rate
Transcribes 1h in 10s
Supports 99 languages
Free API access
Plug-and-play APIs
Good documentation
1-to-1 onboarding call
Affordable pricing
Handles large data volumes
Alpha version access
Value extraction from data
Designed for accessibility
No compromise on quality


Alpha stage (not fully developed)
Built on specific model (Whisper)
Requires onboarding call
Possibly slow client support
No offline functionality mentioned
Single functionality (speech-to-text)
Limited customizability


What is the Gladia Speech-to-Text API Alpha?
How accurate is Gladia's speech-to-text transformation?
What technology is the Gladia Speech-to-Text API built on?
Who are the people behind Gladia?
What is Gladia's mission?
What does Gladia mean by an AI Knowledge Infrastructure platform?
How fast does the Gladia tool transcribe audio?
Is Gladia's Speech-to-Text API free to use?
What is the process to get early access to Gladia's API?
How many languages does the Gladia Speech-to-Text API support?
What type of resources does Gladia provide for new users?
What is word error rate and how does it apply to Gladia?
What makes Gladia's APIs more affordable than others?
What level of involvement does the Gladia team have with onboarding new users?
Does Gladia offer documentation and tutorials for users?
Who should use Gladia's API?
What are some applications of Gladia's technology?
How does Gladia help me extract value from my data?
Why should I choose Gladia over other AI platforms?
What are future plans for the development of Gladia tools?


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