Cutting-edge speech and audio recognition.

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AssemblyAI is a cutting-edge AI tool for speech recognition and understanding. It provides an API to access production-ready AI models that are capable of transcribing and understanding audio files, video files, and live audio streams accurately and at scale.

It is built on the latest state-of-the-art AI research and can be used to transcribe, summarize, detect hateful content, spoken topics and more. Its API is simple and secure, and is used by thousands of startups and dozens of global enterprises.

Its AI models have proven to increase call transcription accuracy by up to 23% and double the number of customers using its product. AssemblyAI is trusted by thousands of businesses of all sizes and provides developers with comprehensive support through its in-depth tutorials, detailed documentation and changelog.

With AssemblyAI, developers can quickly and easily build powerful, AI-first products.

Assemblyai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Accurate speech recognition
Secure, simple API
In-depth tutorials
Detailed documentation
Changelog for updates
Supports audio files
Supports video files
Supports live audio streams
Transforms speech to text
Summarizes speech data
Detects hateful content
Identifies spoken topics
Compatible with multiple industries
Increased transcription accuracy
International language support
Speaker detection
Sentiment analysis
PII detection
Used by global enterprises
Comprehensive developer support
Real-time transcription
Asynchronous transcription
Entity detection
Available CLI


Lacks sentiment analysis
No real-time transcription
Limited language support
No PII redaction
No entity detection
No SDK provided
Limited speaker labels
No visibility into model versions
Locked into one model
No audio/video file conversion support


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How secure is AssemblyAI's API?
Can AssemblyAI transcribe live audio streams?
How does AssemblyAI use AI models in its services?
Why is AssemblyAI trusted by thousands of businesses?
What support does AssemblyAI provide to developers?
How does AssemblyAI summarize speech?
What does AssemblyAI mean by 'audio intelligence'?
How is AssemblyAI being used in telephony and video platforms?
What are the use cases of AssemblyAI in virtual meetings and media?
Can AssemblyAI be used for sentiment analysis and entity detection?
What is the pricing model for AssemblyAI?
How does AssemblyAI improve transcription accuracy with AutoTune?
Why do companies prefer AssemblyAI for transcription?
How does AssemblyAI protect user data?
How did AssemblyAI manage to increase call transcription accuracy by up to 23%?

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