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Smart speech to text for macOS
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WhisperWizard is a macOS-specific tool designed to convert speech to text using artificial intelligence. It targets users who desire efficiency in writing workflows, including written emails, documents and more.

With WhisperWizard, users can start a voice recording, which is then quickly and accurately transformed into a text format. An added feature is custom templatization for routine tasks such as writing emails or expression of thoughts.

These custom templates can also be quickly accessed via shortcuts. WhisperWizard also allows users to retrieve past voice recordings easily. The tool applies ChatGPT technology to enhance speech transcription for improved text outputs.

The application stands out due to its ability to adapt the conversion of speech for different written formats without a quality compromise. Furthermore, it offers instant transcript copying, enhancing usability.

Having your OpenAI API key is necessary for WhisperWizard to function. It's crucial to note that WhisperWizard despite only functioning on macOS version 10.12 or newer, does not retain user templates or activity, protecting user data according to OpenAI's privacy policies.


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WhisperWizard was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


macOS specific
Efficient writing workflows
Voice recording conversion
Quick and accurate transcription
Custom templatization
Easily accessed templates
Quick retrieval of past recordings
ChatGPT technology integration
Adapts conversion for different formats
Instant transcript copying
User data privacy
Supports macOS version 10.12 and newer
No user data retention
Improved speech transcription
Customizable creativity level
Faster content creation
Template quick-access shortcuts
Replay old recordings
Multiple pricing options
One-time purchase, lifetime usage
Email and chat support
Option for priority support
Affiliate program available
Easy text copying function
14 days refund policy


macOS-specific, excludes other platforms
No data retention (Templates/Activity)
No Windows or Linux support
macOS 10.12 or newer only
Can't use with ChatGPT subscription
No custom templates storage
No real-time transcript editing
No multi-language support
Limited features without updates


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Is WhisperWizard compatible with all versions of macOS?
Why do I need an OpenAI API key for WhisperWizard to function?
Does WhisperWizard retain my data or voice recordings?
What type of tasks is WhisperWizard suitable for?
How does WhisperWizard adapt the conversion of speech for different written formats?
How can I copy my transcripts instantly with WhisperWizard?
Can I use WhisperWizard on a Windows or Linux platform?
How do I retrieve past voice recordings in WhisperWizard?
How can WhisperWizard enhance my writing workflows?
Is it possible to create multiple custom ChatGPT templates in WhisperWizard?
How does WhisperWizard help in speeding up writing workflow?
How can I use WhisperWizard for expression of thoughts?
What instances would require the use of the instant transcript copying feature?
How does WhisperWizard protect user data according to OpenAI's privacy policies?

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