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Transcribe thoughts into memos effortlessly.
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This application is a transcription tool that converts voice memos into text, utilizing advanced AI technology. It is designed to work efficiently with large audio files, providing accurate transcriptions directly on the device. This ensures a high level of privacy and security, as no audio data is transmitted off the device for processing. The app offers both free and Pro versions, with the free version including features such as offline functionality, immediate transcription results, multiple language support with an auto-detect option, and a user-friendly interface. Users can record audio even while using other apps, thanks to the background recording capability, and share their transcriptions via email or other applications.

The Pro version offers unlimited transcription generations, appealing to users with higher volume transcription needs. Subscriptions are managed through the iTunes account, with automatic renewal ensuring uninterrupted access to the Pro features unless manually cancelled in the account settings. The emphasis on device-based processing for both recording and transcription tasks highlights the app's focus on convenience and data security, making it suitable for a wide range of users from professionals requiring quick transcription services to individuals looking to document personal notes or meetings.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes without internet
All processing on-device
Immediate transcriptions
Auto-detect language
Background audio recording
Shares transcriptions via email
Unlimited transcription generations
Dictation commands
Compatible with various Apple devices
Regular updates
Detailed app reviews
Can delete recordings
Scheduled auto-renewal
Supportive developer interaction
1.3 GB app size
Requires iOS 16.2 or later
Also operates on Apple Vision
Multiple languages supported
Available on iPhone


Only for Apple devices
Requires subscription for unlimited use
Large app size (1.3GB)
Requires iOS 16.2 or later
Unknown quality of transcriptions
Possible privacy concerns
Limited language support (English)
Lacks intuitive interface
Limited developer support
Limited user feedback


What is Whisper Memo Dictation?
How does Whisper Memo Dictation work?
Is Whisper Memo Dictation available on all Apple devices?
How accurate is Whisper Memo Dictation's voice-to-text conversion?
Can I use Whisper Memo Dictation offline?
Are there regular updates to Whisper Memo Dictation?
How do I download Whisper Memo Dictation from the App Store?
Is Whisper Memo Dictation user-friendly?
Does Whisper Memo Dictation support multiple languages when transcribing speech to text?
What is the process to generate transcriptions on Whisper Memo Dictation?
How often is Whisper Memo Dictation updated for performance enhancements?
Can I operate Whisper Memo Dictation from my iPad?
How can I share my transcriptions from Whisper Memo Dictation to my email or other apps?
Is there a limit to the length of audio that Whisper Memo Dictation can transcribe?
What's the division between free features and Pro features in Whisper Memo Dictation?
How secure is it to use Whisper Memo Dictation? Does my audio leave my device?
What does '5 transcription generations' mean in Whisper Memo Dictation?
Can Whisper Memo Dictation detect the language spoken automatically?
How do I check if Whisper Memo Dictation is compatible with my Apple device and OS version?
Does Whisper Memo Dictation offer a free trial for its Pro features?

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