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· Sep 26, 2023
This AI looks promising. The ability to have a video dubbed into other languages and the lip-sync to match it could be extremely helpful in several fields. However, the pricing structure is outrageously expensive at this point. I give the AI itself 5 stars, but reduce it to 3 based on the pricing structure.
User Profile PictureDavid Marshall
· Sep 14, 2023
I didn't get to the voices. I don't give my credit card information up front. I clicked away as soon as I saw that. It's a shame too, the pricing structure looked great.
User Profile PictureDavid Marshall
· Aug 19, 2023
The Free Trial is useless. You run out of suggestions before you can figure out how to use it or if it's useful to you. In theory, it looks pretty good but I don't want to have to subscribe to something before I can really try it. I received one suggestion, asked for a melody for that one eight-syllable line. I received four options and that was it. My "free trial" was done. It then kept taking me to a page to subscribe to a paid plan. It honestly looks like something I'd be interesting in using, but not without trying.


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